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Drivers question

Hey guys I was just wondering where I can get all the neccessary drivers for my asus G71G? I just did a complete format of the whole computer and I do not have the discs that came with the lapto to find which ones I need. Is there a site that has a...

G60JX Overheating GPU

I have performed various searches in order to remediate my problem, but find varied information that doesn’t seem to directly apply to the problem.I managed to get an RMA before my warranty expired, but they just said it was fine and replaced a few s...

g73jh bsod

Hi I have been getting bsod while playing bf3 lately. I have recently reinstalled new cat software and it went way for about 4 days. Now its back. here is some of the info i get. Log Name: SystemSource: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-PowerDate:...

Mess by Level 7
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My ****s getting warm as ****

Hhhhheeeerroo!So, had my computer for almost 6 months now. And jsut recently it started working pretty loud and ****, and I noticed on the right side of the keypad enter to numpad, is hot as ****. Not like dramaticly hot that it will just melt like a...

korre by Level 9
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G53SW blue screen when put to sleep problem.

I have an issue with sleep mode on my G53. I set the lid closing action to sleep. Sometimes instead of sleeping it stays on for long time and then displays the blue screen (9f). I've heard that it can have something to do with the ATK package and I r...

How to downgrade Bios?

Thats all i am having a hard time downgrading the bios. Anyone knows how it can be done ?Best regardsStian H. Jensen

Crappy performance asus g74 sx

I have noticed that my new g74sx is apparently performing worse than what I am reading in posts.I am only getting about 20-30 fps in arma2, and thats not even with everything maxed. I have seen some vids on youtube of people claiming 40-50 fps with e...

Got My G74SX this past monday....

...And i am extreamly happy with the computer I did a lot of research on HP, Toshiba and ASUS PC's and i feel, even with its flaws i made the right choice. This Forum has been instrumental in getting my PC set up the way i want it. I found the ...