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G74S Screen is extremely dim and can barely see anything

I purchased my ASUS G74S about over a year ago and all of a sudden the screen to my laptop is EXTREMELY dim. So dim that i'm unable to really see anything on the screen. I didn't do anything in particular to trigger this event, I just came home fro...

Junwa by Level 7
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ASUS Recovery. I dont know what they have done but....

Hi Everyone,As you all know ASUS didn't supply us G75VX people with AI Recovery - regardless of what the manual says. To try and protect myself I made a Windows 8 Recovery USB disk, I also replaced the 500G drive in my system with a 1TB and used Macr...

G75VX WITH ATI 7970M, any opinions?

Hello guys, my first post on this forum after being accepted. I tried to search a lot on this forum but wasn't able to find any commnets/opinions for the G75vx model with ATI 7970M GPU. Everyone here is just speaking about G75vx with nvidia 675MX.I a...

guildwars 2

hey everyone anyone playing guildwars 2 on their g75 660m ? how does it handle it ? im thinking of buying the game would like some opinions from members who play it with this laptop how smoth it is.thanks alot !!!

Which SSD choice should I go with?

Hi fellow ROGers,I am contemplating upgrading the stock 750GB hard drive of my G46VW unit to a SSD. The minimum size I'm willing to install is 500 - 512 GB (256GB is a fair trade off for the increase in speed) and I've read that the Samsung SSD drive...

dclanz by Level 10
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My asus g75 need help.

hello my name is kostya and I have bought my rog asus g75 computer about 6 months ago.This is defiantly a beast yet i have 2 problems that occured with it the last 2 weeks.The first problem is that my rog icon in the bottom of the screen is gone, ive...

Lost access to original hdd. HELP!

Hi, guys.What I did?Ok, let's go.I have this G75VW-BHI7N07. When I got it, I made a clone (macrium) of the original 1Tb hdd to a ssd drive, changed the order of boot and left this original drive as a file drive.Everything was going very good, nothing...

Paulovrv by Level 8
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Ready for a clean slate

I've had my G53JW since 2010 and with the exception of being bulky & the power port being on the rt. side instead of left, it's a decent laptop. But what I would like to do is start from scratch and this time clean up all the pre-installed programs a...

G75VX in the US

Any update on the US getting the G75VX (with thunderbolt)?

Mako by Level 7
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