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I have no idea what to do with 16GB of RAM

Honestly. Just last year I went to 8GB of RAM, and I thought that was extreme. Just got my G55 and 16GB of RAM??? Seriously, what do I do with it? Ramdisk is a possibility, but honestly the 128GB SSD is fast enough.Suggestions please...

srmojuze by Level 10
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Asus G75 completely freezes and SSD/HDD light goes off.

Hello guys,I have a strange issue that randomly happens from time to time, but mostly during gaming. My computer would hang and mouse/keyboard are no longer responsive. The screen stays frozen in place with whatever was running last. When it happens,...

Asus G73Sw power jack issues!

I have already come to terms that I am going to just build my own pc here soon and stop using my laptop.. but I was wondering if anyone else out there has had the same problems I have had. I purchased this laptop about 1 year and 5 months ago. 2 week...

sassy by Level 7
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Help me properly overclock my Asus G55vw

Hello,I am looking for some information on overclocking my Asus G55vw. The specs of the laptop are tagged below. What I am looking to accomplish is an increase in FPS while gaming. I don't want to push this thing to far, but I know it can be pushed f...

Vicodin by Level 10
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New G75VX - Mini PCI-e - complete disassembly - thundebolt

Hi guys I've just bought myself a g75vx laptop, i have the 256ssd + 1TB version with the matte screen. it currently only has 16GB's of ram but i plan to upgrade to a 512GB ssd 2 TB disk and 32GB's of ram. When i first decided to do the upgrade i pul...

lmnewey by Level 7
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gh73jh motherboard swap

Hi all, im new on this forum and this is my first post here. So i like to play online fps shooters like css tf2 and such like that. not too much of a fan of newer games. i also like the resident evil series 1-3 and i strongly believe RE4 and the rest...

G74sx battery plugged in charging (while its actually not)

Hey guys, i have a problem here.I had a lot of dust in my g74sx and took it apart to clean it.everything is working except the battery is not charging although it says plugged in, charging and the orange led indicating the battery is charging is on.A...

Problem with my Video color ! Help me please !!

hi all ,i have problem with my Video card this images showing the problem :furmark Burn-in test idlehttp://forum.notebookrev...

meryqat by Level 7
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G75VW BBK5 Performance Drop

Hey guys, I'm hoping I can explain this to the best of my ability and hopefully someone can help me out. I'm running a stock BBK5 with a secondary Intel SSD (3610qm 2.3ghz, 660m, both CPU and GPU are overclocked to reasonable levels. CPU being bump...

ArmyMP by Level 7
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