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Asus G46VW user conclusion and final thoughts

Returned back the laptop to bestbuy for a full refund after playing with it for several days. I'll give my pros and cons belowGOOD- Excellent Cooling and Fans are whisper quiet when gaming or benchmarking and almost no noise with web browsing- No thr...

G53SW Problem - Hard Freezing

I'm experiencing a hard freezing issue while the laptop is under load. Primarily this occurs during game play, but has happened while internet browsing and playing music.During the freeze the whole computer just locks up and becomes completely non-re...

ShadowX by Level 7
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[Q] G46VW unable to enter BIOS

Hi, I've been trying to enter the G46 BIOS but am unable to get anywhere but into Windowss 8!I've tried:shutting down the notebook, unplugging the notebookpressing the power buttonimmediately pressing F2 several times a second. (I've also tried with ...

generic by Level 7
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Asus g75vw bad gaming performance

My system is asus g75vw i7 3610qm, 12 g ram, 750 g ssh, gtx 670m with bios 210The problem is that when it is't plugged in I cant't play anything !I did't expected hundreds of FPS but is it normal to only score 10 fps (nfs world) ?When plugged in I ge...

r33fd by Level 7
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G46VW touchpad [solved]

Hi,I just got a G46VW, got everything installed but can't seem to get the touchpad working properly. By that I mean the basic stuff of scrolling using a swipe. By researching this issue on the internet I also read that it supports multi-touch gesture...

G74Sx 3DMark findings

I know there's already a 3DMark thread, but since I ran so many tests under different conditions I figured this should be given its own thread. All tests were done using 3DMark 11 Basic Edition so that there would be consistency throughout the testin...

Spook50 by Level 7
  • 2 replies
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Asus G74SX Power Issue

Hi there,Just recently got this problem,I have my charger plugged into the laptop and at random it will keep switching from AC to Battery, constantly, over and over.the plug goes into the laptop firm. The pin inside the laptop isnt broken, the plug t...

duca1991 by Level 7
  • 7 replies
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G73JH USB Audio with pop's in Fresh win 8 install

Hi Guys,Let give a quick run down of what's happening. I did the windows 8 upgrade from my windows 7 installation. It was perfect, no problems at all.But one day i tried starting up my pc and i was unable (for reasons unknown to me). So i did a forma...

Advice for new SSD installation

I have recently been looking to install an SSD into my G75vw. I have seen and read that the performance improvement is great and im willing to maximise my system to reach its potential Currently I have been looking at the OCZ Vertex 4 256GB SSD. This...

mrwolf by Level 10
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g75vx modified bios request

dear all ,requesting a modified bios for g75vx.and if possible, what tools i can use to unlock the options?thank you