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G75 backlight mod

Ok so some people want to know how to do this.First off this is not east. This was the worst backlight i ever had to replace. It's worse then working on a Macbook and that's saying a lot.Right now i'm looking for some brighter back light options as ...

Can I replace the 3d screen for G75VW-BH71-CB????????

Hi everyone,I just brought the G75VW-BH71-CB from Canadian Best Buy 1 month ago. It is is so great, but I just realize that it can't play 3d game and movie. I am wondering that can i replace the 3d screen with 120hz for my current computer? If i can,...

thong by Level 7
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Wireless Card in G55 not working in Backtrack!!

Is there any way to make the Intel Centrino N-2230 wireless card work in Backtrack 5 R2..??? I really need it to crack a fibre line Wifi connection cauze I am stuck with a 1Mbps connection and I used to do it with my dell laptop which is currently 20...

G46vw gpu

hello everyone, I just bought the G46VW last night but when began to check to see how much dedicated video memory I noticed that it was using Intel 4000 HD Graphic card instead of the NVidia GTX 600m.When I was at the Best Buy they had Asus G75vw wit...

andfeng by Level 7
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Overclocking 670m

HelloIve tried googling for answers, but Im just getting results for the desktop 670 card. I used msi afterburner, but theres no increase in fps no matter how far i push the sliders.Anyone got any tips on how to oc the 670m card

Right Speaker has no sound

Well after installing the 800 via drivers I actually paid attention to my speakers. While setting up the Speakers in the VIA Audio Deck I find that there is no sound coming from the right speaker. Plugging in the headphones I do have left and right ...

Clintlgm by Level 14
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FPS drop in all PC games

I keep posting in the wrong sections :[FPS drop in all PC gamesBasically, what has been happening is there is a drop in FPS in all of my PC games on the internet or not from a solid 60 fps down to twenty even lower, while previously they have been wo...

Only Mono output from G55VW headphone jack

Hey Guys,So I'm having trouble getting full stereo sound from my G55VW. Basically if I plug in my headphones/speakers into the headphone port I only get sound from either the left/right speaker. When I output sound through hdmi all is ok. Tried messi...