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G75VW Power Brick/Cord Went Bad, Need Advice

Earlier today something very strange happened, I plugged into an outlet and I heard a low electrical popping noise (I hadn't connected the laptop yet), which I believe to be a power surge. I had my hand on the cord and felt a sudden burning sensation...

Enigma by Level 9
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Cannot get into BIOS to change boot order

Not sure where else to turn to but I figured maybe someone here could help.I absolutely cannot get into my BIOS to change my boot order. I've tried delete, insert, F2, F9 through F12. I dunno what gives. On computers it usually says what button to pr...

Btxnick by Level 7
  • 4 replies
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Screensaver and Sleep do not work in G75VW

I have G75VW with Win 7 Home Premium SP1. There is a problem - the screensaver does not start and the notebook does not go to sleep mode when it has to. I disconnected all external devices (sometimes such problem is caused by certain mouse models), b...

Maximko by Level 7
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G73SW A-1/3DE or G74SX A-1/3DE? What do you think?

Well first off I would like to say that I just signed up for these forums because I was reading multiple threads and it was awesome to see how helpful and interested of a community this is! I just had a few questions though! I have been looking at th...

Desktop show off for G75/G55

i would like to see some customized desktop and some details how u guys did it... anyways this is how mine looks..

nirO by Level 7
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G75vw windows 8 USB 3.0 not working properly

Hi,I installed windows 8 on my new G75vw and i noticed that the transfer speed on USB 3.0 is very low, is more like USB 2.0. I transferred a movie file to my mediaplayer (Egreat R300 with internal HD and USB 3.0) and the maximum speed transfer was 38...

jairo by Level 7
  • 14 replies
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Need an extra power adapter for my G75VW-DH72

I need an extra power supply so i dont have to transfer the one i have back and forth.I checked this one at asus store but its not identical to the one i have and its out of stock. want one ...

G75 backlight mod

Ok so some people want to know how to do this.First off this is not east. This was the worst backlight i ever had to replace. It's worse then working on a Macbook and that's saying a lot.Right now i'm looking for some brighter back light options as ...