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ROG Strix G17 Keyboard Malfunction (PROBLEM!)

I have a problem with my keyboard on my laptop pressing and then continuing to press the same combination of keys (usually Ctrl + Shift + Z; Ctrl + V; Ctrl + Shift; Ctrl + Alt) in quick succession. This forces me to close whatever work I have going o...

ROG G16 Nebula 4070 Arrived

Asus G16 4070 Nebula arrivedHello Folks,Finally my Asus G16 4070 Nebula arrived. And i’ve just followed booting it up -setup to lead windows 11 that was already on it i guess. I’ve also upgraded the bios as it prompted on the first day it threw a blu...

auraai by Level 7
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Reset Bios Chip

I have an Asus ROG Strix 17.3 in. AMD Ryzen 9 2.5GHz 16GB RAM 2TB SSD Gaming Laptop that I am unable to get to the bios after I set it to boot from LAN. I couldn't get it to boot normally so I tried to get it to boot this way.  In the past I have res...

Asus ROG Strix G17 (2023) G713P - Asking for advice !

Hi people, I found a good offer from a retailer in my country on a New Asus ROG Strix G17 (2023) G713PConfig : ( Ryzen 9 7945HX - RTX 4060 - 1TB SSD - 16GB RAM DDR5 )But after looking arround on Google i found this forum and i see a lot of people see...

kobda by Level 7
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Asus Rog Strix G16 questions

If absolutely everyone is acquainted with this laptop, i have some questions.Can you switch off the LED bar that runs alongside the the front of the computer whilst also leaving the keyboard LED lighting fixtures on?Can you set all of the keyboard LE...

Resolved! ASUS ROG STRIX G17 (G713PI-DS94) upgrade RAM

Dear all, hello I buy a new Asus ROG Strix G17 2023 and I like upgrade the RAM the 16 GB to 64GB. I see in the technical inf of Asus the maximus are 32GB, but in other technical forums I see the maximus are 64GB. What is the real maximus RAM in this ...

Power issues on ROG STRIX G15 2022

The problems manifest themselves most often in games. For exampleBuIdur Gate 3. In the game for some reason unknown to me, my video card consumes no more than 40 video card consumes no more than 40 watts. Because of this.20 fps in the game. ...

6y6Jl1K by Level 7
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ROG Stryx G513QY Driver Missing

Hello guys,What is the hardware driver ASUS9001 for the G513QY, does anyone know?ACPI\VEN_ASUS&DEV_9001ACPI\ASUS9001*ASUS9001Thanks.

Oblaci by Level 7
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Resolved! Rog Strix Laptop freezing on startup.

Got this three months ago for school and at first the audio would randomly switch. Then it would crash after ten minutes of use, now I cant even load into my laptop. All I get is the “swoosh” sound and see the “Republic of Gamers” and the icon with a...

💻❓screen flickering with browser

Hello. Can anyone tell me if any of you have any flickering while using a browser?  EDIT Exactly what happens here too, i notice everytime theres flickering, theres ads being displayed It seems those small ads are the culprit behind all of this This...