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G75 - Left Side USB ports

I wonder if anybody else has experienced this.I am having an issue with the left side USB ports on my G75.At the moment the only USB 3.0 device I have is a Thermaltake dual drive dock. If I have that dock plugged directly into the rear-most, left sid...

Yellow11 by Level 8
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Roxio Cineplayer BD - update???

Hi, RogsI open this thread because I have a problem with ROXIO Cineplayer BD software. Use this program to watch movies on Bluray but not being this the most upgradeable, for an unknown reason I can't play the latest titles. I asked ASUS help Italy a...

Symho by Level 7
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G75VW & Atheros Gigabit controller speed problem [solved]

both of my G75vw's list having the Atheros AR8151 PCI-e gigabit controller.problem is it list top speed choice as 100Mbps duplex. home net is gigabit.for testing, i tried a few brand new Cat5 & Cat6 cables connecting from notebook to netgear gigabit...

MUPiSz by Level 7
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Downgrading from windows 8 to 7

I recently purchased my ASUS G75VW, it came preloaded with windows 8, is there a way to downgrade it to windows 7 without it messing up anything with the notebook?, and how would the procedures look like.

Languid by Level 7
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ROG button on G75VX

Hi guys, i've just bought a new G75VX (the configuration is the CV006H, the highest here in italy i guess). I'm wondering what the rog button near the on/off does. I pressed several times and in many situations (games, fils, surfing the net) but noth...

G75VW starts up by itself

Hello,I have bought G75VW laptop 10 day ago (i7-3610QM, 8GB RAM, GTX660M, 750GB SATA). I installed fresh Windows 7 Home Premium OEM 64bit and activated it and also installed Kubuntu 64-bit. I am using rEFInd for dual EFI boot, and I was sure that eve...

HL-DT-ST DVDRAM??? Who makes it, what is full model number

I have a new (2 weeks) G75VW, Best Buy special with the slow HD... It has a CD/DVD Burner that is listed in Device Manager only as "HD-DT-ST DVDRAM" no model number is seen by Windows 8. I have been unable to get this drive to burn CD's using ITUNES ...

DJWJR by Level 7
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Asus G73JH-BST7 RMA And Asus Bangladesh

The story all starts here, I bought a Asus G73JH-BST7 from Best Buy USA in March 3rd 2011 and got it shipped to Bangladesh at a hefty shipping price tag. Recently my laptop has started to go haywire just after the DVD+RW got broke.Now my keyboard doe...

Recovery Partition Deleted Please Help

Can someone with the G75VW (BBK-5)(Windows 7) make a clone of their recovery partition and send it to me? I lost mine downgrading from Windows 8.Thank You in advance!!!! ;);););)