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Asus ROG GL551JM-DH71 keyboard.

I'm planning on buying an Asus ROG GL55JM. The problem is, after hours of searching I still haven't found an AZERTY version of the notebook. Are they even available? If yes, a link would be much appreciated! I only found G700 series with an AZERTY ke...

GL551J -EH71 OD / hard drive caddy write up

I searched for information and didn't find anything for my particular model GL551J -EH71 prior to doing this. I got this caddy from ebay, it's 9.5mm thick and I hoped it would work ok since it said it was compatible with other Asus models:http://www....

nettto by Level 7
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Sound of G75 VX

Hello Rog'si am happy finally to be a member of the rog society. I got my self a G75Vx recently ( upgraded from a Asus N56VZ ). I have to say i am impressed with the build quality, but there is something that bothers me. That laptop sounds not imp...

Kriss1 by Level 8
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Asus GL551JM touchpad issues

Hi all,I just got my new Asus GL551JM (I believe it is very similar to the G551). I swapped the regular HDD for an SSD and made a clean reinstall of Windows 8.1 (i.e., I did not use the factory image). I then proceeded to install any drivers that had...

OtZman by Level 7
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Can a gl551jm run these games

HI,i bought a G551JM ROG PC that comes with the GEFORCE GTX860M video card (2 gb ram) and 16 gb RAM and Intel® Core™ i7-4710HQ processor etc.lately i 've run the "can you run it" test for Assassins Creed Unity And The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt and i've...

G75 Graphics card Upgrade question

Hey, This has likely been asked many times before, but here it goes. I very recently purchased a G75VW from best buy, that has the 660M graphics card on board. My question is: can I remove the card and replace it with a 670M etc? Is this little p...

GL551JM-DH71 and general ROG questions

Hey all, new to the ASUS and ROG community.I have a couple questions that I couldn't get answers from elsewhere, be it from my lack of research skills or just laziness. First of all, the ROG logo... what is it? I had a discussion with friends, we thi...

Vieu by Level 7
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Temperature question for ASUS ROG GL551JM-DH71

So, currently I'm trying to choose between two computers. There's only one thing that's holding me back from buying this computer at the moment. People say this computer goes up to 85C when it's playing intensive games. If you own this computer, what...