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GL551JX 2nd harddrive possible?

Just picked up one of these on a 4th of july sale and wasn't sure if there was a second harddrive bay available to put a SSD in to go along w/ the spinning drive it comes with. Thanks to anyone who knows.

Asus GL551JW-DS74 HDMI Projector Display Problem

HelloI had "Lenovo X1 1293" running with Windows 7. It has been connected to Optoma HD25-LV through Bose T20 system with HDMI cables.Just changed my laptop to Asus GL551JW-DS74 with Windows 8.1. When i connect my laptop to my projector with the same ...

Halug by Level 7
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GL551J Colorful Rainbow Speckles + Freeze & Crash

Sort of an odd problem I have here.I recently purchased the ASUS GL551J laptop; my first ASUS product (and first laptop, actually).I received it today, and immediately began installing various software and games (Steam, League of Legends, Hearthstone...

GL551JW from Costco - IPS ot TN Panel

I got the ASUS ROG GL551JW from Costco - sticker under the laptop says ...

upgrading GL551JW-DS71 hard drive to 1T SSD: how to do it?

hi, I'm upgrading my 2 month old GL551JW-DS71's primary hard drive to 1T Crucial SSD.How do I do it since there is no setup disk like Toshiba laptops I've worked with in the past.Also, would the heat vented from the left side of laptop be cooler/less...

JohnSha by Level 7
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Wireless internet drops randomly

Background:I have purchased the G75VW with 1TB hard drive.It has the Athros wireless will randomly disconnect me from the internet which has become a great inconvenience.The issue:While playing games my internet will drop and require me to go...

Synned by Level 7
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ASUS ROG GL551JW-DS74 will not boot past bios

My laptop bluescreened on Windows 8 then instead of just restarting it boots right to the BIOS and will not go any further. If I try to quit without saving it just remains in the bios if I save and quit it restarts and goes back to the bios. Before I...

GL551JM Color Issue

Hey guys (:Last week I received my newly purchased GL551JM. I've been enjoying the notebook so far. I don't love the TN screen, I don't love the whitewashed blacks but, besides that, I am fairly satisfied with this machine.Now, I've been dealing with...

Asus ROG GL551JW-DS74 - Where to Install Software

I just bought the Asus ROG GL551JW-DS74. It has the 1 TB hard drive split into two partitions. I plan to make the hard drive one whole partition (unless there is a very good reason that you all can tell me why not). Her's my main question, Where ...