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G75V strange noise than crash

Hi!I bought a new Asus g75v laptop about a month. It works very good, only have one problem. Sometimes he starts making strange sound inside (like dial up connection) and than everything crashes, so I have to turn it off by helding turn off button. T...

ASUS G74SX-BBR1 not getting results most people get.

I am not getting the performance other people are getting on Battlefield 3. Many people play BF3 just fine on Ultra. I don't get anywhere near there FPS. I only 20-30 FPS. I have tried gamebooster, it does help with a little preformance,but I still d...

iMaX by Level 7
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Help with installing a ssd.

I am going to be buy a g75vw-ds71 with the 2 750 hard drives. I would like to take one out and put in a ssd. Does anyone know which hard drive is the boot drive and how do you guys feel about these two videos on how to install a ssd. I learn much be...

G75 Owners!! Check Your Cooling!!!

I own a g75 DS72, and it has been trouble since the day i bought it. For the long story read this: Version; Screen Broken, Warranty, Missing for a 1.5 mon...

Need help with my Asus G73sw

Need help with my G73sw laptop a while back tryed to update nvidia drivers which had problem's with when hook up hdmi to tv the screen would jump every few min was hoping find way to fix it then my 3d vision was working great when i first got it and ...

chris60 by Level 7
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Windows 8 + ASUS G74Sx

HI there and tnx for readHave a terrible problem, I get the new Windows 8. Install all OK but some drivers dont workFor example the Light of the keyboard.Where I can find the drivers for Win8??Plx help and srry for my english

G73sw LED Under Monitor.

So I bought a manufacturer refurbished G73sw-XR1 recently since my younger brother has always coveted the G73 >> G74 and G75. I was surprised to notice that the Blue LED under the screen does not work. After searching around I discovered on a couple ...