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Weird blue thing ( Like a GUM)

Hello,So I was cleaning my fans filters , when I noticed like a blue gum thing in the middle of the laptop, Has anyone seen this or ??Thanks for your help !And that's another photo from google too ...

nss by Level 7
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New CPU support for Asus GL702ZC, now!

Hi,i don´t really know if some asus technical is reading this post or not, maybe this is a waste of time for me but i´m here with some questions about the ROG Strix GL702ZC Laptop:I don´t know what cpu´s could be used in this Laptop. The only one ty...

Ryzeeen by Level 7
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GL502VS fail to boot

Hi all! Any help is appreciated. The laptop hasn't been in use for atleast 2 months. I plugged it in, let it charged for an hour, turned it on. Everything worked well for 30mins until the system shutdowns and that was the last time it powered up. I f...

Elj2k19 by Level 7
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Strix G512LV And windows 11 Feedback, Advice?

So I got my windows 11 update and it is ready to go, but I'm hesitant to go into it for the sake of app compatibility and whatnot. Has anyone taken the plunge and if so what was your outcome and if someone at ASUS could tell us if we can update to 11...

Windows 11 drivers for ROG Strix G731GV

Hi, guys!Are there Windows 11 drivers for ROG Strix G731GV yet? I looked on but for Windows 11 seems to be available only the ASUS System Control Interface v3 utility.I received the Windows 1...

ElijahA by Level 7
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GL503VM Longterm maintaiance options?

I have Gl503VM - i7 7700HQ -100mv Undervolt - GTX 1060, 16GB 2400Mhz RAM- 16 GB 2400MHz stock RAMFew questions:- Can I safely uninstall WinFlash BIOS since BIOS isnt updated at all now ?- Can I safely uninstall ROG Gaming Center and somehow assign t...