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I'm looking to buy the new Asus ROG GL552VW notebook, but I'm a bit worried about asus' history using low frequency PWM on laptop displays. Can anyone tell me if the GL552VW also uses 200hz PWM, or have things improved?

Ahrnuld by Level 7
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GL552Jx - WLAN drivers

Hi I have a question, Where can I get Qualcomm Atheros Drivers for GL552Jx??the thing is I have a problem with my WLAN connection, My Wireless router at home works perfectly fine with my PC (Win 7) and phoneexcept for my GL552Jx (win 8.1) which would...

GL551JW-D71 and Scaling question.

I play a lot on older games on my laptop and it has optima tech, is there anyway to enable a type of scaling to stretch the screen so games like Roller Coaster Tycoon or System Shock can appear without letterboxing in the older resolutions? The usual...

GL551JM Help!!! Graphics Driver Needed

I upgraded to Windows 10... I get the error 43 for all GTM 860x drivers. What drivers are you using? Currently the system uses the Intel 4600 driver for everything. I tried downloading every driver I could at the Nvidia website. I either get an code ...

Neone by Level 7
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Help with laptop touchpad: ROG-gl551jw-ds71

Hey guys i just bought the ROG-gl551jw-ds71 (upgraded it to windows 10) i'm happy with it except for one thing, the touchpad. It's hard to move the cursor (even after increasing sensitivity, my old laptop's touchpad was so much smoother), and sometim...

GL551JW upgrade optical to Blu-Ray

I'm interested in upgrading my GL551JW optical drive to Blu-Ray R/W.What model Blu-Ray is my best bet? I was considering the LG BT30N.I'm looking for something that will work with the existing face plate.Does anyone have experience with this?Thanks,-...

EEichCT by Level 7
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Gl551jw won't start up?

Hey everyone,My Gl551jw-ds71 Jude shipped in and it won't start up. It doesn't even make it to POST I believe. The battery light is green and when I press the power button all the status lights turn on for a second before turning back on. There's als...

Driqid by Level 7
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no headphones in sound upgraded to win10 gl551jw

upgraded from windows 8 to windows 10. I cant for the life of me find valid drivers or figure out what I am doing wrong. I can not get my headphones to work.Keep in mind this is an inline mic port so I am using my samsung s6 headphones.. they were wo...

Nogewdz by Level 7
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