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GL552VW - Intel Graphics Driver v20.19.15.4300 won't install

I can't get the latest Intel GPU driver to install on my laptop. The installer pops up saying this isn't compatible with this hardware.I downloaded it right from the Asus website:

GL552VW - Can't control gpu fan speed with MSI Afterburner?

I downloaded MSI afterburner, which I use on my desktop to control fan speed and show statistics while playing. When I tried using it on my GL552VW, the fan speed setting is not available. Also when showing GPU temps, it only shows them when I'm play...

Screen pressure points near the frame - GL552VW

Hello,I have just bought a new laptop GL552VW (with the plastic cover) and there is a little problem with the screen. There are 2 lighter pressure points on the screen near the frame (as shown in the pictures bellow). When I apply a little pressure n...

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GL552J Rog not starting anymore

Hi guys.I have a real serious problem. Situation: i am a sailor and for now on a remote island in Philippines. I use my GL552J for navigation and all my charts and programs through it. It is 4 months old and normally a nice tool to do all i want. It ...

GL551JM Random Turn On Issue

I'm having an issue with my ASUS ROG laptop where it will turn on by itself without being touched. When it does it says the last wake state was due to the Power Button.I found a thread here that says an update to the BIOS fixed it however the latest ...

New to PC gaming, any tips or tricks for GL552 owner?

Hello I am new to PC gaming coming over from Xbox. I am also new to forums. I was wondering if there was any tips or tricks I should know! I have a GL552 with 128 gbvssd and 4gb of 960m graphics. I am also into learning more about how a computer wo...

Remove optical drive cover for SSD tray

Hi,I'd like to take out the optical drive and replace it with an SSD for my ROG GL552VM. I'll be needing a tray for my ssd. But since I need the tray to fit in my GL552VM, I need to remove this guy (red circle in the picture) from my optical drive an...

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Bluray drive replacement for GL552vw

Can someone please recommend a bluray drive I can buy to replace my dvd drive in my GL552? I've been searching and have not been successful in finding a replacement drive for my Asus.

doriondo by Level 7
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GL551JW-DS74 not showing the Kingston SSD

Hello there, recently I bought a Asus Gl551JW-CN086H equivalent to DS74 which comes with GTX960 4gb and 1TB HDD HGST + 128GB Kingston Msata SSD.The problem is that the SSD isn't showing anywhere. Laptop came with windows installed in HDD and at BIOS/...

Compwxr by Level 9
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