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GL551JW-DS74 will not boot - no boot options

I purchased my ASUS ROG GL551JW-DS74 two months ago and it has worked perfectly, until today. I turned it on, and it boots straight into BIOS. The DVD, SSD and HDD show up in SATA Config as expected, but nothing appears in boot options. I disabled se...

Bios Loop Problem in GL551JW in Windows 10

I bought my GL551JW 8 days ago, and when i turn it on, 3 seconds later turns off, the second time i turn it on runs normaly.anyone know any solution to this problem?already tried changing the bios settings and reset the configurations of the Bios and...

REPORT: Noise fan/Really weird thing- GL551 JX

A couple weeks ago I've bought the GL551 JX, GTX 950, i7 2.5 and it has been perfect until today. Something really weird happened. I was using my laptop and suddenly the left fan (CPU) started to use his 100% rpm and be really noisy. First I thought ...

Bertao by Level 7
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ASUS ROG GL551JW-DS74 - Yellow Tint on Screen

I bought a ASUS ROG GL551JW-DS74 yesterday. I like everything about the laptop except the color of the screen. I feel it has a slight yellow/red tint. I changed the mode to Normal in ASUS Splendid Utility. As it did not remove the tint, I uninstalle...

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Suggestions to Improve GL551JW Touchpad Software?

Hi,I'm 99% set on getting a GL551JW-DS74, but my main concern is with the touchpad.This "Smart Gesture" app looks pretty lacking, and I'd like to have more options for gesture/multitap customization. Can anyone tell me what brand/model of touchpad is...

Jecht by Level 7
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New GL551JW extended to ACER monitor S231HL blurry text

Hi everyone,I just got the GL551JW-ds74 and I'm loving it... great machine and it replaced my alienware 14.I have an issue when extending to my ACER monitor model: S231HL via HDMI. with the 1920x1080 resolution the text is somewhat fuzzy, it's perfec...

accely by Level 7
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Hard drive form factor size in GL551?

I want to install the WD Black2 into my laptop, but everyone says to make sure your laptop can accept the 9mm form factor size. I tried searching all over and cannot find an answer. Will it?

Need help and advise ROG GL552JX

I bought this PC today and installed windows 8.1. My KEYBOARD BACKLIGHT is not working at all. I installed first WIn7 Ultimate and there was no backlight too but with pressing FN+F2-F3 buttons he was showing on screen level up and down of illuminatio...