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Asus GL552VW warranty-upgrading

Asus GL552VW-DM141 i7-6700HQ/8GB/1TB/GTX960M/15.6'' 900€ (w10+ssd=1150€)Asus GL552VW-DM149 i5-6300HQ/4GB/1TB/GTX960M/15.6" 730€ (w10+ssd+ram=1000€)It's 1 of those laptops that i will buy. The problem is that doesn't matter which one i get, i will imm...

Romanul by Level 7
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Clean Install of Windows 10 Pro on GL552VW

Hello all, I am planning to do a clean install of Windows 10 Pro on my GL552VW-DH74 machine. I would appreciate some tips/inputs/things to watch out for on this.Also, would like to know if there is any sequence of 'things to do'/drivers to install?Wh...

GL552VW with strange optical drive noises [sounds attached]

Hi everyone,I have an Asus ROG GL552VW-DM464T (similar to GL552VW-DH71) and the optical drive is doing weird noises. These noises occurs always in the startup and sometimes (almost never) when i'm using the notebook. I know that maybe the sound in th...

Gl552VW questions about compatible M.2 SSDs

I want to buy this laptop this week, but I was wondering which M.2 SSD’s are compatible with it?I heard on a Dutch forum that NVMe SSD’s isn’t supported by this laptop, but AHCI is. And does It have PCI-e 3.0 x4?This model:

TokoDude by Level 10
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M.2 SSD not recognized in a cold boot gl552vw-dm149

I installed Kingston SSDNow 120GB M.2 SATA and works all fine but this problem. Always in first boot (cold boot) the bios doesn't recognize the SSD. After rebooting it works as it should.Any solution? ThanksSOLVED: KINGSTON SSDs are not supported. I ...

richicru by Level 7
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My GL551JW-DS71 laptop's backlight is not working?

I was having a hard time seeing the keys and I noticed the backlights were off. I have no reasoning for whythis might've happened.It's a ASUS GL551JW-DS71 Laptop, and I'm running windows 10. It's about two months old now.I have downloaded and install...

GL552VW-DM149 Bluetooth drivers?

I just bought this model and I installed all the bluetooth drivers from the support web (3 o 4 different drivers) but anyone works for me. The INTEL(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R) keeps his warning icon and it doesn't work. Any sugestions?I tried to instal...