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GL702VM replacement keys for ugly orange qsdz

Is there a place to buy replacement keys in black to replace the 4 orange keys on the keyboard?Most websites that sell keys don't have the keys for the GL702 model yet.Or can you buy this from official Asus stores?

Sfonks by Level 9
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GL502VT, Sudden Audio Quality Decrease

Hello, I bought my Asus GL502VT a few months ago. The laptop is working awesomely and I'm very happy with it, but my only complaint has been the wonky way the audio port is handled. It has been mostly fine (sounds normal and high quality) until today...

GL502VS-DB71 Battery Life

I'm not sure what all I need to turn off in order to get 3-5 hours of battery life like they say this thing is supposed to have, but the most I've been able to get is about an hour. And that's been pretty consistent.I'd like to know (1) What setting...

Asus ROG GL752vw frame rate drop

I am playing call of duty 4 remastered and i have really high frame drops.From 80 fps to 40 sometimes it lags immeasurably high, doesn't matter if i change settings to low,normal,high extra i have same FPS, like how ?GTX 960M 4GBRAM 16

GL502 VS problems

Hey. I own a GL502vs, and as far as i can tell, the internet is full of problems similar to mine: 1. The battery drain, this is really a dumb issue and obv. someone at ASUS missed this while examining the laptop. IT NEEDS MORE 3 WATTS. Replace the po...

GL552V and 'Locking' Function Keys ?

After having a Macbook for 6 years, I bought myself an Asus GL552V this week. Overall I love it, but there's a couple finicky things I would love to change.My main annoyance is having to hold down the function key in order to turn my volume up and do...

loralie by Level 7
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GL552VW - 960M idle clock/memory speed too high

hello guys , i have recently bought an asus rog gl552vw and this is my very first thread , and i noticed a problem in how the gpu actsi have noticed that my gpu runs quite hot at idle (50 degrees Celsius with room temp 18 ) when i looked around usi...

Magl3v by Level 7
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Battery saver for GL552VX

I wanted to know if there is any software provided by Asus so that my charging stops at 60% And after that the battery does not charge instead the power if provided to the graphic card.Like a conservative mode for the battery.

ds27005 by Level 7
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Please help Asus ROG laptop GL752

Hey guys so my laptop will keep freezing after X amount of time being turned on. Sometimes its 5 minutes, sometimes its an hour. And 5% of the time it wont freeze up for hours. This is becoming a huge problem. I haven't even had it a week. I got it 1...

Bigmook by Level 7
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