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GL552vw secondary ssd not showing up

just migrated win10 os from hdd in a GL552vw that i just bought to an m.2 samsung 850 ssd 256gb, ....running greatnow I'm replacing the hdd with a secondary samsung 850 evo ssd 500gb to be used for storage.i can see the secondary 500gb ssd in samsung...

Bought a new RoG GL552JX and facing loads of problems

I recently purchased a new laptop, Asus RoG GL552JX. I started using it straight out of the box.The specs are:i7 4750HQGTX 950M8 GB RAM1 TB HDD(7200 RPM)Windows 10(build 10240)Yesterday I was transferring some files through my friends external HDD to...

GL552VW HDD click of death [sound attached]

Hello everyone,My GL552VW-DM464T (similar to GL552VW-DH71) (2 weeks of use) hard drive is doing the famous click of death. This sound appears sometimes and I dont know if this is normal (some kind of power save mode like the WD hard drives) or i'm re...

GL552JX-DM144D FPS Issues

Hi everyone . I recently bought this mode of ASUS ROG . Specs are i7-4720hq 2.6ghz boost up to 3.6ghz8GB Ram4GB Nvidia gtx950Windows 8.1Whenever I play DOTA 2 with settings reduced. I seems to be getting only 80-90 ish fps. CS GO is also the same w...

Samsung SM951 M.2 SSD not seen in BIOS (ROG GL552JX)

Hi,I have an ASUS ROG GL552JX notebook and I recently bought a 128GB Samsung SM951 M.2 SSD (MZVPV128HDGM-00000).Even if this is one of the fastest SSD available on the market and us, as ROG enthusiasts, want the best of the best and the ultimate spee...

Bupitz by Level 7
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Remove Optimus NOW! (GL552JX)

Ok, im fed up now. Made this thread over a week ago answers which I take it from the silence and reading up about the latest "inventi...

Bassen by Level 7
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GL552VW Replacing the 2.5" HDD results in boot failure

if I have original HDD in, it boots fine.if I replace the original HDD with a SSD it will not boot, power led blinks once, no BIOS screen, and fans don't run.if I replace the original HDD with aftermarket HDD it will not boot, no BIOS.if I boot from ...

Asus GL552VW warranty-upgrading

Asus GL552VW-DM141 i7-6700HQ/8GB/1TB/GTX960M/15.6'' 900€ (w10+ssd=1150€)Asus GL552VW-DM149 i5-6300HQ/4GB/1TB/GTX960M/15.6" 730€ (w10+ssd+ram=1000€)It's 1 of those laptops that i will buy. The problem is that doesn't matter which one i get, i will imm...

Romanul by Level 7
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