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[GL752VW] : adding an SSD drive

Hey guys,I know that the issue has already been discussed on this forum, but I must confess I'm kind of a rookie on that matter, so I guess I still need help!So, I just bought a GL752VW laptop. It has a 1GB HDD, but no SSD drive in it.I opened it, an...

Max RAM on GL552VW-DH71?

Has this changed? Purchased mine back in February and could have sworn it was max 16GB, which the machine shipped with but now ASUS' website is showing max 32GB. I going crazy or did it re...

dansan by Level 7
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Asus GL552JX keyboard light not working

The computer is 6 days old. Everything is working excellent except the fact that my keyboard light is not working at all. Its not flashing on boot either. I have uninstalled and installed all the ATK drivers several times, trying to use Win8 drivers ...

ASUS GL552jx fresh windows install not working

Hello, hope im in the right place.I bought named laptop yesterday, it came free of windows only free dos. Naturally i wanted to install windows 7 on it asap.I configured bios as i found tutorial on this site on how to make it boot from DVD, and windo...

GL552J Rog not starting anymore UPDATE

My laptop went into energy save mode and did not come up anymore ..No red lite, nothing, no starting - dead .Update of my problem.Meanwhile i was in Puerto Princesa and went to technicans. 2They opened and we went through the things u guys suggeste...

ASUS ROG GL552VW-CN471T frequent crashes

Hi guys!I finally saved enough money to get myself an Asus rog laptop. I bought the ASUS ROG GL552VW-CN471T which is awesome!I have it for a couple of weeks now but i ran into a problem. While gaming games tend to crash. The display freezes and the s...

GL552JX Shadow Play not working

So I have this laptop but Shadow Play is not working. I have installed last driver and Windows 8.1 but when I press the hotkeys combination for Shadow Play nothing happens.

Bladell by Level 7
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GL502VT STRIX Laptop US Release Date and Price??

Ive been hearing about this laptop and probably changed my decision to change my target laptop from G501vw to itI saw that it is already been released in Japan, Indonesia and Europe?? Czech in particular..Its a G501 in steroids that will be on par wi...

How to use ASUS Gl552vx ROG Gaming Center?

Good Day, I recently bought ASUS ROG gl552vx, I bought it last month and I'm very satisfied with it especially in gaming but until now I don't use this ASUS Gaming Center....... is there any effect if you use this application? Thanks