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GL551 Laptop Overheating?

So, I have been scouting 50 million forums dedicated to assistance with laptops and see if I can find out why my laptop is overheating and what is the limit that my laptop can take before it dies of something being burnt. I got nothing for a while ...

Brand new asus rog gl552vw shutting down when gaming

So i recently purchased the asus gl552vw and since day one i've been having this issue where the laptop shuts down when gaming. Sometimes its one hour and sometimes its 5 mins, but eventually this laptop always shuts down. The kind of shutdown is lik...

GL752VW-DH74 Slow Wifi on Wireless AC

Issue: My wifi is throttled to 54 Mbs speed (Wireless G Speed)GL752VW-DH74 with Intel Wireless AC 7265 (Driver Version, Date 7/24/2016)Just got this new ROG notebook. Love it, but the wifi is throttled for some reason. I have updated the wif...

GL552VW Keep getting black screens! Need help!

Hello iv recently been getting black screens alot on my laptop and i dont know why. iv only had this laptop for atleast 5 months and i dont know why its doing this. This is my computers information. When i used my laptop recently my laptop will just ...

iLLuMz by Level 7
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ASUS GL502VT Buzzing Noise

Hi guys,So yesterday, I got my new Asus GL502VT-DS71 (3gb nvidia 970M,16 Gb RAM, I TB HDD). However, I just noticed this morning that there's a buzzing noise that's really similar to Coil Whine on Asus G501. Is this a defect? Is it better for me to R...

GL752VW No Battery Is Detected

I have a recently purchased ASUS laptop as mentioned in title, and there seems to be issue after issue.I had problems with my sound card popping a crackling (among other issues). After updating my BIOS drivers, this fixed the problem. Now I have a ne...

Pooka by Level 7
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GL552VW bad mic problem and slow speakers

Well I just bought a new asus rog gl552vw laptop, everything works pretty well except the speakers which is pretty slow and what annoys me the most is the mic. Everytime I tried to speak, its whether my friends cant hear me at all or when they hear m...

shahmir by Level 7
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GL552VW and Battlefield 1 + question about components temps

Hi!I wanna announce that you can play BF1 on GL552VW however... I monitor temps using HWMonitor and here's what i get:Chipset: 94°CCPU Core #0: 91°CCPU Core #1: 97°CCPU Core #2: 84°CCPU Core #3: 89°CCPU Package: 97°CGPU: 83°CThose are MAX TEMPS (but ...

pepko by Level 7
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