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There was a problem resetting your PC

When I try to reset my PC I get a message "there was a problem resetting your PC, no changes were made" when I searched the internet for a solution...Well, I'm not sure but it seems that I don't have a recovery partition (which is about 20GB, I guess...

Will this ssd work on my GL552JX?

Hello, I have Asus GL552JX Core-i5 Notebook. I want to buy this SSD

Screen blinking on new GL502VS

So, a bit of backstory. I ordered the new GL502VS back at the beginning of September via CUKUSA. After I got it, there was a slight cosmetic issue, but another defect was the fact that when right-clicking on certain kinds of files, the entire screen ...

Best buy gl702

Does anyone know if they are gimping the 1060s in the bestbuy model of this laptop? Previous ROG products video cards were built on a slower video bus (128 bit) compared to other models.

olounda by Level 7
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[ASK] When GL552 screen become off

I'm just buy new Laptop GL552 and i have problem when my Screen Off.I have 2 condition with that :1. When my screen of with power option configuration i can't turn on laptop's screen with any key or mouse.and I'm sure my laptop isn't in sleep conditi...

o0o0o by Level 7
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Asus GL752VW RAM upgrade help?

Hi guys. So I'm thinking about getting the RAM upgrade for the gl752, comes with a DDR4 2133Mhz 8GB ram, more concretely a SK Hynix, and I think they don't sell to public markets. So, given the fact I can't get the exactly same ram, I've been searchi...