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GL752VW keys sticking in minecraft.

The basic just of things is that i launch minecraft and load a world, when i start to use wasd keys or space/shift they sort of get stuck in loop ingame, but everything is alright in other games, just in minecraft, tried a lot of java versions, watch...

GL502VS disappointing performance

Hello everyone.I need other owners to share that experience as I am pretty confused atm. So I grabbed my GL502VS 16GB RAM + 500 SSD version earlier this week, installed 3D Mark benchmark and launched Fire Strike test. I was expecting to get something...

s4m1r by Level 7
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Rog GL552VW memory upgrade help

well i have two of them: ddr4 2134 4gb so its 8GB so i needed upgrade them least to 16gb but problem is there isnt anywhere info what works on them and i live in europe-Finaland so needed to deliver to this area also sorry for txt i have dyslexia.

parilo by Level 7
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GL702VM Performance issues?

Hey everyone,I recently purchased a ROG GL702VM and like it however the performance is lacking from what I have heard it should be doing. There are so many reviews stating this PC can perform incredibly.

GL702VM dead on arrival...

Just got my new laptop & unboxed it, plugged it in & hit the power button...The keys light up & the backlight turns on, but then nothing. No bios splash screen, no booting Windows, NOTHING.The key light function keys are working as is the tab key. Hi...

GL702VM replacement keys for ugly orange qsdz

Is there a place to buy replacement keys in black to replace the 4 orange keys on the keyboard?Most websites that sell keys don't have the keys for the GL702 model yet.Or can you buy this from official Asus stores?

Sfonks by Level 9
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GL502VT, Sudden Audio Quality Decrease

Hello, I bought my Asus GL502VT a few months ago. The laptop is working awesomely and I'm very happy with it, but my only complaint has been the wonky way the audio port is handled. It has been mostly fine (sounds normal and high quality) until today...

GL502VS-DB71 Battery Life

I'm not sure what all I need to turn off in order to get 3-5 hours of battery life like they say this thing is supposed to have, but the most I've been able to get is about an hour. And that's been pretty consistent.I'd like to know (1) What setting...

Asus ROG GL752vw frame rate drop

I am playing call of duty 4 remastered and i have really high frame drops.From 80 fps to 40 sometimes it lags immeasurably high, doesn't matter if i change settings to low,normal,high extra i have same FPS, like how ?GTX 960M 4GBRAM 16