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Gl703gs bios 310

Hello i was wondering if someone could help me out and help me locate BIOS 310 for this laptop (the last BIOS that supports Undervolt for 8th Gen Intel) Asus have pulled this from their site and the laptop is a toaster without throttlestop.If somone ...

2022 Rog Strix - Keyboard Lights not turning back on

Hey Guys,Have the latest and greatest Rog Strix available - but hasn't felt that way so far.I keep having issues where the led lights turn off, but don't get activated again until a restart.They will be working fine, then I'll be watching something a...

Safe temps for ROG Strix G17 2022 3080 Laptop GPU?

Hi!I have a Rog Strix G17 2022 (G17RS) with a 3080 Laptop GPU in it and using HWINFO I noticed that the card hits 86c and about 110% of its TDP? its that normal or good? I know the card has a stated max of 93c on it and if I set the fan speed to turb...

Rog Strix G15 Dolby

Hello there,I'am owner of Rog Strix G15 laptop and as I know Dolby Atmos was included with the laptop purchase right?I was downloaded and installed audio driver from MyAsus (Audio_DriverOnly_Dolby_ROG_Realtek_J_V6.0.9132.1_22800) installed as adminis...

Primax by Level 7
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How to connect Laptop to 5.1 Speakers?

I just got the ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15 (2022) laptop as a replacement for my existing system. It has Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos so I assume it can do 5.1 Surround Sound.As far as I can tell it only has a single 3.5mm jack and my 5.1 speaker system ...

JamesX by Level 7
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[SOLVED] GL503GE BIOS version 317 downgrade

Dear Fellas!I am writing this post, because I am for now quite desperate about downgrading a GL503GE's BIOS from 319 to 317 version, but I haven't found the 317 version anywhere.The laptop's performance and temperatures are really need ThrottleStop, ...

Grabps by Level 8
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GL553VD NO Audio after latest Win10 update

Hi, after i shut down my laptop yesterday it did some updates automatically. Today my sound is not working saying ''No Audio Output Device Installed''.What happened? What should i do? Should i go to ASUS and download the suggested audio driver again ...

mikeyav by Level 7
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