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GL502VS-DS71 problems with fans speed

GL502VS-DS71 i7-7700 kaby lake, Titanium Gold and a 230W power adapter. Bios American Megatrends Inc. GL502VSK.301, 10.01.2017Hi. I have problems with cooling. The fans are always at maximum speed, regardless of temperature. When I turn on the lapto...

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Gl502vsk - mini display port to display port no signal

Hello!I am really annoying with my new laptop because I have many problems with the Mini DisplayPort to display port.Sometimes I want to use my external monitor (aoc g2460pqu) with my laptop but it doesnt recognized the external display. I have to co...

GL702VM - Change Operating System & Restore

I just got my GL702VM today and it came with windows 10 pre installed. What if I did a clean install of windows 10 pro and/or updated my SSD and hard drive then I wanted to revert it back to original OS and settings? It did not come with a recovery ...

LCD Specs for 'Costco' GL552VW w/4K Screen?

Hi there. I am looking at a GL552VW advertised at Costco with a 4K UHD screen. I can't find specs for any GL552VW with 4K on the ASUS site and have asked via email, with no reply. I have also spoken with Costco customer service and they don't know sp...

mtar925 by Level 7
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Black screen with my GL553VD

Hello,My ROG CL553VD have a problem. When i start the computer the screen remain completely black just the keyboard light up. This problem had occur right after the unspected shutdown of the computer during an Asus update (I really dont know why the ...

Torrinn by Level 7
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GL752 D: drive missing...

Dropped a magnet on my GL752's surface to the right of the touchpad. It started making weird clicking noises so I panicked and tried turning off the laptop and removing my hard drive. Fixed the clicking, but now I'm missing my drive. I understand wh...

liami by Level 7
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Help : ROG GL552VW in reboot loop

Hi,I unfortunately purchased the ROG GL552VW laptop and it's going to continuos reboot loop. I had this same problem last month and took to their service center for repair. They gave it back last week after repairing and reported replacement of Mothe...

GL502VS sleep problems and loud fans?

Hello everyone. Just bought a GL502VS and I'm liking it a lot beside some small issues.First is it doesn't seem to stay asleep. At first I thought it wasn't going to sleep at all, but it turns out my mouse kept waking it up right away. I tried turnin...