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GL552VW Flickering/Artifact Issues on Battery Power

Hi,I recently purchased a RoG GL552VW and so far I have been satisfied with it. The setup has an i7-6700 HQ, 8GB DDR5 RAM, GTX960M DDR5 and a 256GB SSD.There are some issues that are bugging me, though.Whenever I use it on battery power the games sta...

Rilkim by Level 7
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Gl552vw usb 2.0 device won't work on usb 3.0 ports

Hi all,All of a sudden from yesterday (after I went out to have a run), I turned on my ROG and realized that my USB 3.0 ports don't support any of the USB 2.0 devices. Anyone have any ideas how to fix it???Here is what I tried:Troubleshooting Steps:1...

No Touchpad on GL552VW

Hello! I own an ROG GL552VW-DM149 with 32GB of Ram.Suddently my touchpad stopped working and already tried to install the software from ASUS support.It started to show an yellow mark on Device Manager on "i2c hid device" with error 10.And now when i ...

CGabry by Level 7
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Cooling Pads and GL552VW, waste of $ ?

I owe a GL552VW - air intake vents at bottom as expected like many other models. I always wonder if the small elevation from the slight raised 'feet' at the bottom of the notebook is high enough for air to flow in.Does having one of them laptop coo...

GL552VW-CN211D problems

Hello. I have a few problems with my GL552VW ROG 15" I7-6700/16gb/GTX 960M problems. When I've bought it I had 3 different pieces RMA because of a display spots (backlight bleed). I had 3 different notebooks, and all three of them had white spots (bl...

bronic by Level 7
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Gl502vs is cutting my arm

the edge where you rest your arm on the ledge is cutting my arm. Why would they go with such bad ergonomic, such a bad choice. Anyone else face similar issue? Any solutions?

GL502VM (i5,1060) Idle clock problem?!

Hello everyone,i am afraid i screwed something up. I tried to undervolt my laptop via ThrottleStop.I hope im not imagining things, but my idle clock is 1596 Mhz (x16), shouldnt it be 798 (x8)?I did complete fresh install of Windows 10 and it still st...

Kash188 by Level 7
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SSD for GL752vw

Hi everyone.I am planing on getting for my laptop a SSD and since alot of people have problems with GL752vw i decided to post before purchase.I did my research (i think) and i decided il get this

Berverk by Level 7
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