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Gl552VX Black-screen - no POST/LOGO/BOOT

Today,I flashed BIOS to my GL552VX (to version 204)After flashing, bios booted successfully. I entered BIOS Setup and change some settings(Quick Boot/Quiet Boot or something, Disable CSM first then enable Secure Boot) then save settings and restart!T...

having Vsync on is causing screen tearing?

whenever i enable vsync in game or on the nvidia control panel, i get a diagonal line going through the screen and have no idea why. Anyone have a fix for this? Asus ROGL752VW 16 gigs of ramintel i7 processor with intel graphics cardNvidia geforce gt...

Asus GL551 SSD hardrive issues. Why so slow?

Edit: This is a G551JW Laptop. I cant edit the thread title.My laptop came with 2 hardrives. One 128GB SSD and a 1TB. So the 128SSD hardrive bit the dust so initially I just reformated the 1TB and used it and it was painfully slow. I then decided to...

vuxius by Level 7
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GL552VW sleepmode shuts laptop down

Hallo everybody,I hope someone can help me with my issue whenever I put my laptop in sleep mode be it closing the lid or pushing the power button. 80% of the time my laptop will shut down.Anybody knows how to solve this?Thank you


Hi All,Just got a new GL502VS today, and I'm noticing some very low FPS in games such as WoW, Civ 6, even in Heaven benchmark. Things seem to be locked at 30/40 FPS. Is this related to something with GSync? Should it be turned off? Or am I missing a...

terry00 by Level 7
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GL502VS 1TB 7200 RPM HDD or 528 GB SSD better?

I know...newbie question here. However, I was wondering if the laptop already has 256GB SSD + 1TB 7200 RPM HDD. Is it worth it if we change out that 1TB HDD for a 528GB SSD? What are the pros and cons? Does it help with heating issues?It got 32GB of ...