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Static with my GL503GE

I have a problem with my GL503GE: if I have a plugged earphone in the audio jack, when any kind of sound is played (ie: music, windows system sound, etc), after the sound finishes, I can hear a static/white/buzz noise for some seconds, until the driv...

[GL703GE] GPU fan most of the time over 8500RPM

Hi,I have a Strix GL703GE for a couple years now and since maybe last month or so the GPU fan starts going on pretty fast and loud. At first the fan was going mad 10-20% of the time but since maybe 2 weeks it happens 90% of the time. I thought it had...

G513QY G15 Advantage Sleep LEDs on Linux - solved

Good day,Armoury Crate settings in Windows to do not apply across OS and I remain with glaringly bright LEDs flashing as my computer sleeps from Linux. This is quite the attention-seeking behaviour from the BIOS, are you able to please provide some ...

[G731GW] Screen or Inverter Replacement?

Hello all,In the last few months I am noticing a brightness flickering in the right side of the screen. The laptop is a G731GWBy flickering I mean the brightness going up and down very quickly, but in the far right side of the screen.I have tried mo...

Tdp problem with 6800m. G17 Advantage edition

Hello, i can’t reach more then 115w tdp. ( msi afterburner sensors, hwinfo sensors).*Bios 316, vbios last from hot fix, windows 10 64 bit. *tried reinstalling the operating system, drivers, but nothing works. Lower fps compare to others. Also timespy...

[GUIDE] GL702VM Prevent bios update

Are you tired that Microsoft updates your bios to Asus' latest bios which is bugged? This is permanent solution to stop that enforcement. This modification simply replaces the efi version module from official 3.10 bios. Shortly, Windows will see your...

HarkTu by Level 7
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Touchpad randomly stopped working on my GL504GV

I noticed today that my mousepad randomly stopped working today since I mostly use my mouse, but I do remember it was working 2 days ago. I never had any issues with the laptop, everything was working normally all those days but today I tried using m...

GeoGC by Level 7
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