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GL702VM Dot-Key (.) "squeaking" when pressed

Hi there,I got my new GL702VM for about one week now and noticed that the Dot-Key keeps making "squeak"-sounds and also feels like there's some additional resistance when pressing it. Also this seems to only happen after using the laptop for a while ...

Appuru by Level 7
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my gl552vw battery problem

hi i have gl552vw .my laptop is always pluged in .but for no reason its battery get discharge.and when get discharge i cant charge it again until it drop below 95 percent.what should i do ?

wqdfe by Level 7
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ASUS GL502 Touchpad not responding or working.

Hello! I have an ASUS GL502 laptop that is brand new, the touch pad worked when I got it but after some updates it stopped responding. I went and checked the device manger and it calls the touchpad a "I2C HID Device" I have uninstalled and reinstalle...

GL502VM - Bluetooth Disconnecting Issues!!

I'm stumped on this one and hope someone has seen these issues and know a fix!!!The Intel AC-8260 Wifi/Bluetooth card on this laptop seems to have problems. I purchased a Bluetooth mouse & Xbox Controller. Both pair up to the laptop without i...

Short battery life of GL502VS ?

Dear,I'm testing the lifetime of the battery of the GL502VS for dairy activities liek internet, movies, downloads, etc, and no use of games, obviously. First, I tested with a dvix video in loop in the media player with the bright of the screen in 50%...

GL502VS high battery wear

HiCould you please check what's the battery wear on your GL502VS machine?I never used it on battery for more than 10 minutes and according to battery report I lost 10% battery.

mtl44 by Level 8
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How much could i upgrade my GL752VW laptop hard drive?

My hard drive has recently having issues with games, they stutter, lag, frame rate drops, one second freezes "i posted another thread about it" Anyway, i was wondering how much i could upgrade my hard drive by, because i wanted to keep my SSD and swa...

Minor Part for Asus GL552VW-DM136T

Hi, as the title says, i want to ask about minor part replacement if it is possible. My Asus GL552VW-DM136T been like maybe a year now but then I noticed that the 'rubber' thing under the Asus word below the LCD screen is abit damaged so im not sure ...

950 pro on m.2 for gl552vw-dh71 or sata m2

There have been countless discussions on the compatibility issue regarding the m.2 slot of GL552VW /GL752VW and similar series using nvme ssd and failing without success. And I have come to believe in that and have posted on some topics as replies of...