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GL502VY-74 Slight ticking sound on touchpad

Hey guys. There seems to be a very small gap between the touchpad and the underlying buttons. This results in a "tick" sound when you put your finger on the touchpad. Anyone else have this? Any way to correct it? I really can't return the device at t...

mecra by Level 7
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My Asus GL551J Overheats Quick

So around the past 2 months ive been noticing that my laptop's temperature has been going up alot more quicker and usually going up to around 60c on the balanced power setting and around 70c-90c on idle on the High Performance power setting. I'm cur...

RoG GL502 refresh rate?

Hey everyone. It's been a while. I had a Asus G75 with a 660m. Fantastic laptop. Now I am in the market for a new laptop and it has come down between the G751 w/G sync and it's 75hz refresh rate and the GL502 with Gsync but for the life of me I canno...

GL752VW Not reconizing DDR4 3000 memory at full speed

Recently upgraded my GL752VW to 32GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR 4 3000MHz memory and the problem is it only recognizing it at 2666MHz and the timings are not correct per what's published on the Corsair site.Is there a max memory speed the GL752VW can h...

Layton by Level 7
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Rog GL552VX Internet speed is slow

Hello everyone, I hope someone had this problem and knows how to fix it.3 months ago, I bought the Asus ROG GL552VX in Thailand while I was in vacation over there.Everything worked great, until about a week ago, there was a power outage for like 5 mi...

GL752V won't start

Hello everyone.I tried searching, and found a similar issue, but not quite like this.So this is about a 6 months old GL752V.Last night I watched a movie on it and shut it down, left it plugged in and had my phone attached to an USB port also to charg...

GL552VW - CN461D Temp goes to 98 C while gaming

Hi Guys,I just got this laptop (ROG GL552VW - CN461D) for almost 2 weeks, i just realized that the temp is not going so well. I played Warthunder on low setting (i was hoping for reduced temp) but it got up to 98 degrees C ( I used HW Monitor ). And ...