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ASUS ROG GL702-- Questions on BIOS and Fan speed control

Hello world! This is my first post on this forum. I recently got an ASUS ROG GL702 during the black friday sales events in Canada that I plan to use for productivity/portable computing power, and leisure (which includes any game my heart desires).I h...

ROG GL502VY Freeze and crash :(

Hi, I bought a ROG GL502VY directly to asus via amazon and I'm having a big problem. The laptop randomly freezes and crashes. Sometimes within a few minutes of turning it on, others within a few hours. I only have to use a browser or leave it on the ...

Asus Rog GL502VS - 50% CPU usage Idle on Windows 10 64-bit

Hello, no matter what i do i always have 50% CPU while idle on desktop. I do understand that there are pre-installed a lot of Ad-Ware stuff on Asus gaming laptops.The only thing i admire is Gaming Center - easy access and fast access to sound, and sc...

GL502VS wont charge after power outage

Hi guys :c there was a tiny power outage(lucky me right?) and I was working late, my laptop doesn't charge any more with the charger, what should I do? everything seems fine with the laptop it just wont charge :'(I also had my MacBook pro connected b...

GL502VS GPU Temp

Hello all!Last September I purchased my first Asus/gaming laptop. I have been enjoying it but I am starting to worry about the GPU temp. I mainly play FFXIV and use the standard (laptop) graphics settings. Before when I was monitoring the temp, it...

ASUS ROG GL252VW with Kinect V2

Hello all,I am Adrian and I am a kinect developer. I ve just bought a new laptop ROG GL252VW for prodction and development. I has all the features asked by Kinect to work.But when I start developing the Kinect Verifier Tool showed me that usb 3.0 wo...

GL502vs Asus Service Care on discharge and heat problem

Here's what they said about the discharge and heat problem of GL502 when I emailed them. Umm... 4 inch high. How do I do this 4 inches again? I asked about undervolting and they do not suggest this. Instead they want me to take it to a service cente...


Gl502vs kaby lake software issues on fresh install

There does not seem to be gaming centre, gaming manager downloads. Tried the skylake versions and no cpu Temps. The sound ice manager app won't install and one of the track pad pieces of software won't install.These all work on the original supplied ...

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