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Gl553vd overclocked

i've tried to oc till core 260 mem 540 but benchmark starts crazhing, clock stabilized at +230 +500stats in the right is abit off to the ones i added in the video due to recording differences.also ran hitman benchmark with settings from geforce exper...

GL702VS - Gsync does NOT work. Misadvertisement? [Video]

I have a ROG Swift gsync 144hz monitor. I game with gsync and love it. Screen tearing pisses me off. I notice it easily. On the ROG Swift 144hz monitor gsync is amazing and flawless.On this GL702vs laptop however, with gsync enabled, the screen tears...

GL702VM refresh rate

Hello all,I have a GL702VM-BHI7N09 (bought at Best Buy). It says on the ASUS website, that the GL702VM has a 60Hz screen, however in my properties (and NVidia Control Paned) it show a 75Hz screen (with corresponding 75 FPS via G-sync). I was just w...

GL5522VW screen suddenly had a pink hue

I turned the laptop on and immediately noticed that there was something wrong with the color of the screen. It had a pinkish hue. Here is what I have done so far:1. updated both intel and nvidia drivers2. tried connecting an external monitor. the e...

GL702VM Keyboard backlight not working [Solved]

Hi guys my keyboard backlight doesn't turn on, was working last week but not now.I tried to reinstall ATK package without resultsAny idea? The Caps Lock and Power button leds are working and Fn keys too!Can be the cable ? The BIOS? ThanksSorry for my...

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Faster RAM for GL502VS Kaby Lake?

Hey,the GL502VS with the i7 7700HQ cpu has DDR4-2400 C17 built in. DId anybody try faster RAM yet? Like DDR4-3000? Unfortunately I found no information which speed the mainboard/BIOS can handle.

Creator update has made my GL702VM laptop a boat anchor

Using a GL702VM, can't install the latest nvidia driver because it doesn't detect hardware, I use the generic windows driver and the video card doesn't even realize I'm play a game and keeps the gpu speeds down at 300mhz, or whatever it sets it at wh...