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Issue with GL752VW-DH71 performance

i bought this notebook 8 months ago(it was new, not used)and only used it for playing League of Legends, today i have downloaded some games(Unturned, APB and CSGO) and im getting really low performance on all these games, i already set the notebook t...

jetwin by Level 7
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GL702VM Blue screens when monitor wakes from sleep

I am using a asus GL702VM with a gtx 1060, it is plugged into a LG 34UM68-P through mini display port to the display port, no adapter, just a cable. Any time the screen goes to sleep, when it wakes up it causes the computer to blue screen, if I unplu...

Where to find gl551jw-ds71 Drivers for download after fresh wipe?

I was wondering where id go to download all the drivers and updates for my laptop that i need. Since i dont have any drivers installed after a fresh wipe. No programs or drivers for anything. I cant turn off my touchpad, and i dont have any backlight...

Adnoh by Level 7
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GL502VS heat issue

Hi everyone, hope you're all having a good I've bought a GL502VS not long ago and the heat issue was on my mind since the first day.I've installed 3 games on my laptop so far and everything appeared to be working out good till I noticed a seri...

Hello everyone, im having some GL551JW issues!

Hey everyone, so I recently just bought a brand new Rog Asus Laptop. Model #- GL551JW-DS71.A few specs to get started.400GB SSD With a 500GB HDD16GB DDR3 MemoryRunning an i7-4720HQ CPU@2.60GHzWindows 8.1 64 bitSo to begin im having issues setting thi...

Adnoh by Level 7
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Problem with updating GL502VMK gpu drivers

Hi everyone, i have bought new Asus GL502VMK laptop and first thing i wanted to do was installing newest drivers for windows and other parts inside my laptop. Every update went fine (including bios update) but geforce experience update. I have tried ...

h2ooo by Level 7
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Cannot Upgrade/Update My GL702VM NVidia GTX 1060 GPU....

Hello Everyone on ROG Forums.As my title mentions i cannoy upgrade my GL702VM NVidia GTX 1680 GPU.I am met with an error message that Cannot continue upgrade because suitable hardware could not be found.this has been happening for for days now. Origi...

Modus by Level 7
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Battery drain problem on ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH74 , is this normal?

Hello everyone, I bought ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH74 brand new few days ago,it's pretty cool and fine, except for one thing that is bothering me, I'm not sure if this is normal or not but my battery keeps drain when the computer is turned , and I did try...

oukns by Level 7
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Upgrading GL552VW-DM349T

Hello, today i want to ask you something about upgrading my ROG.First, let's talk about RAM. It is possible to check (somewhere in system or bios) how much RAM expansion is supported by my motherboard?Second one, SSD. Laptop has label with informat...

Ethelle by Level 7
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Interesting 3DMark Results - 502VS 6th vs 502VS 7th

For those curious:A month ago I had a 502VS i6 1070 and it had the battery issue so I returned it. Now I have the 502VS i7 1070 (120hz) with bios 301 and battery issue seems to be gone, but I'm able to show 3DMark results (Time Spy) of both.All resu...

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