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ASUS GL502VS/VSK BIOS update procedure?

I updated BIOS forever ago on an Asus N71JQ and I'm again afraid of bricking my machine in the process for the new computer. Can someone outline the steps? I may need to do this as the BIOS apparently "optimizes system performance" but I don't want t...

Kali linux won't boot from usb

hello everyone. As the title says, i created a bootable usb with Kali Linux 2017.1 and I can't get it to boot. i tried everything, i searched every forum out there and still i can't boot from usb.yes my flash drive is in perfect condition, so is the ...

Upgrading M.2 SSD from 128gb to 512gb (GL502VT)

Hello Fellow ROG Users,Im planning to upgrade my GL502VT unit with 128 m.2 ssd to 500 m.2 ssd (samsung 850 evo) which is currently my budget and cannot stretch anymore to 960/950 evo. I have some questions before the upgrade process.1. If i swap the...

IamEzon by Level 7
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180W GL502VS power supply with 230W GL502VSK (Kaby Lake)

Hey guys,I have the newer model of the GL502VS with 230W. It's quite a heavy one. The previous model had a 180W power supply. I love this laptop on the go and a more portable/lightweigt power supply on the go would be great. I know it can drain the b...

GL702vs RAM/m.2 upgrade question

Hi,Questions:1) Will the 16GB Ram stick in the picture below be the correct / optimal hardware for my laptop? The suffix is different.2) Under normal use (gaming) will the m.2 below cause additional heat? Would you anticipate any issues with this 9...

JEFFJWNZ by Level 7
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Not able to Connect GL752V to 4k TV @60hz

Hi,I'd like to connect my notebook to 4k TV which supports 4k 60hz. But I only could get 4k at 30hz. I tried HDMI and mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. Intel HD Graphics 530 does support 4k at 60 hz but still I can't get it on my TV.Ok, suppose HDMI ...

demalexx by Level 7
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Question About GL502VMK-FY290T Temps and Freezing Up

Hello , My Name is James and about a month ago I just bought the GL502VM-FY290T and there some setting i don't understand on Game Center > < and what is the normal temperature for laptop the reason i ask is when i play...

GL502VMK 302 Bios Update

Just a heads up, there is a new bios update for the GL502VMK that was released on the 13th.Apparently we are now up to version 302.Description is vague, 'Optimize system performance.' I'll update and report back if anything crazy happens. lol

Bran187 by Level 9
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GL502VS - Dualshock 4 Bluetooth issues

Hey guys,I'm having some random connectivity issues with a Sony Dualshock 4 connected via bluetooth on the ROG GL502VS. I use it natively via Win10 and Steam Big Picture Mode. I'm not sitting too far away and other blueooth devices such as keyboard a...