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Possible to Boot GL502VT from SD Card ?

Hi All!I'm trying to figure out how to boot from my SD card. I don't see the option to select it as a boot device under BIOS. I'm running Windows 10 Pro 64bit and I want to be able to boot into Kali (on the SD Card) when I need to.Any ideas on how I ...

Trouble With My New ROG laptop GL753VE (dropping frames?)

I've been looking all over the internet trying to find a fix to a problem that I've been having with my brand new ASUS ROG laptop, i keep getting random freezes in my graphics only, the audio is not affected. and its mostly noticeable when I'm watchi...

Upgrade options for ROG GL502VT?

Hi All!I bought myself a Strix GL502VT earlier this year and was wondering what my options are for upgrading and what the limitations are. Ideally, I'd want to upgrade the RAM and existing hard drive to SSD as well as install a M.2 SSD for booting. I...

[GL702VM] Unwanted Wakeup from Sleep on Battery

Hi, this is my first post so hopefully I wont screw anything up:I've been carrying this laptop (ASUS GL702VM - not the 7th gen one IIRC) to my university in my backpack and I've noticed that it turns on by itself inside my backpack, heating up my lap...

The reason for throttling of the GL-Series

Hi guys, I've been thinking about this. I've analyzed the heatsink on this set of PCs, specifically the gl502vmk in my possession. I came to the conclusion that this pc develops well 180 Watts of which only 155/160 W are dissipated. The engineers who...

RAM upgrade for GL702VS with built in battery ?

Hey guys, past question regarding this, promise hahaWhen you replace your RAM in the GL 702VS, do you do anything regading the battery? or is it meant to be replaced once the unit is powered off and disconnected without further action needed?Just wa...

tdeneve by Level 7
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GL-702vm VS GL-753vd - which one ?

Hi guys .in my country gl702vm and gl753 have the same price (or 702vm is 50 to 70$ more expensive)similarity :CPU: i7- 7700HQ- 2.8 - 3.8RAM: 16 -DDR4SSD: 128differences :HDD 702: 1 ___ 753: 2thickness 702: 23 ___ 753: 33GPU 702: 1060 6g ___ 753: 105...

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G.Skills ripjaw DDR4 2400Mhz RAM upgrade for GL702VS ?

Hey guys, I am about to boost my RAM to 16GB on my laptop (currently have 12) i was wondering if anyone knowns if this specific RAM would work on it? ripjaw DDR4 2400Mhz 260 pins...

tdeneve by Level 7
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GL703 SCAR gpu?

The teaser site for the SCAR edition is up:*, it lists only a 1060gtx gpu on the specs page. Previously, news outlets and asus reported this model as having up to a 1070. Can we get some clar...