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Change GL553VD Screen backlight ?

Hello ROG Forum,Is it possible to change the backlight in the screen? :). Also the ROG Logo and the two lines?Model: ASUS ROG STRIX GL553VD Best regards Simon

ASUS ROG GL 553VE Throttling

Hey,I just bought ASUS ROG GL 553VE Notebook with GTX 1050TI graphic card and i7 7700HQ processor.I am happy with this notebook but I am encountering problem with performance loss after few minutes of gaming. After few minutes the processor and GC r...

Asus response about the discharge issue.

What they basically said is: return your laptop, that one doesnt work, buy this one instead!!From my point of view, that is a ****ty response, specially when they said that the update for the discharge issue was going well, and the fact that people t...

Where to find GL753VE Replacement KeyCaps ?

Only had laptop for 3.5 months and the keycap for the "A" broke off. The two upper clips both broke off. Trying to find replacement keycaps for this model, but no body seems to be carrying them - perhaps laptop is too new? Are there any other ASUS...

Asus GL552VW-CN104T screen smudge issues.

Hi everyone,So I bought this Asus ROG laptop a bit over one year ago, but the last month I have a problem with my screen. I get this smudge on my screen, which is easy to wipe away. However, the next day it returns in a slightly different place. It k...

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