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GL502vm 100% Disk on startup

As the title says I get 100% disk on startup.I just purchased this laptop a couple days ago and have been having nothing but issues with it. This isn't the first Asus laptop I've had, I owned the G47 a few years ago and never had issues with it like ...

GL752VL - Problems I've been encountering for a year

Hello, I'm new to this forum.The problem that I've been encountering is freezing or crash whether I play a quite large games (ie. Skyrim, GTAV, Tomb Raider, and Life is Strange if considered one. Notice that my mentioned games are all released around...

aomikki by Level 7
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GL 502VS No audio suddenly - solved

Hey ! everything was working fine yesterday night, but today's morning, when i started my pc, the windows audio service was disabled. I enabled it but then no audio.I have an error when i try to play test tone, and no sound is coming from my headset,...

ASUS GL502VM heat issue

Hi everyone,I need serious help i try everything on my laptop but still temperature 95c while playing and also CPU throttling.1-i try down voltage CPU -.120 and GPU 831mv2-i replace Artic thermal pad 1m and also replace thermal past thermaltake TG-8 ...

GL553VD FPS drop in game League of Legends?

Hello everyone, recently I bought the ROG STRIX GL553VD and when I play a game like League of Legends the FPS drop sometime then I ask to their support but the problem is still there, so I want to know if I can fix this problem.Thanks for any anwsers...

ZenoV9 by Level 7
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GL502VS Battery drain when gaming (on AC power)

Hi,I picked up an Asus GL502VS a few days ago and I'm very impressed with the overall system.One thing that does bother me is the slow battery draw (even on AC power) when the system is used for VR and heavy gaming. With the power adapter plugged in,...

SeaSpray by Level 7
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GL502vs-gz365t NVme Compatibility

Hi AllI just purchased a GL502VS, the exact model number is GL502vs-gz365t.I wanted to upgrade the M.2 SDD that was in the laptop to the Samsung 960. However i noticed that the laptop has a B and M Key M.2 Drive in it at the moment which i guess woul...

EnvyYou by Level 7
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Need help, might be stupid

Hi guys, I just bought an Asus RoG GL753VE. (Yay me =))I went through the usual first time Windows10 installation procedure just fine, no problems.Yet that was literally the only thing that was installed. There was no bloatware, no preinstalled softw...