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Keyboard and power problems GL502VS

This is my second ROG GL series laptop in just 7 months. My first was an GL502VM and it had same issues I'm having with this new GL502VS.This one has some issues like known problem of discharge battery, not big deal for me since i never do long gamin...

GL702VM, Ge Force have gone mad.....

I logged into Ge Force today with the intention of playing one of their VR games, this is after the kids and I have spent 4 hours on everything from Google Earth VR to Rocket League, and they refuse to let me play because they say my i5-6300HQ is not...

Sbowloc by Level 7
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GL502VS(K) discharge issue questions

Hi Everyone, *Seems like the previous threads about the GL502VS(K) battery discharge issue has been locked so I'm making a new one.Bahz (ASUS) have promised a full credit for the GL502VS. It's not really clear to me whether the GL502VSK (KabyLake) mo...

SeaSpray by Level 7
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GL752VW died after connecting SSD to the M.2 port

Hi everyone! I have a question. I connected the SSD to port M.2. After connecting the laptop did not turn on at all. The LEDs are off. I tried on another power supply, but it is the same. Does anyone know what could have been the damage?

artnet by Level 7
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GL702VM having severe performance issues

Hi all, I know I'm not the first to have this problem but it has been plaguing me for well over 2 months. I've sent it back to my local Asus service center but they've claimed that they have run Furmark/3Dmark and are unable to replicate this issue.O...

silmeia by Level 7
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help pleasejust bought an Asus ROG GL753 my first laptop; was wondering if anyone else had a work around to establish a "Number Lock LIGHT" or icon on desktop/task bar? it's got a CAP lock light but no NUMBER Lock light, driving me nuts every time i ...

GL702VM still too hot...

I know we recently got the MUCH NEEDED Bios update ((BIOS 305) for the thermal policy, but the laptop still keeps running too high temps.For example totally idle the CPU seems to keep temps up to 55-60 degree celcius.Like shouldn't this temp be somew...

MikkoAA by Level 7
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GL502VS without Asus Charger Plus?

I recently bought a GL502VS (GTX1070 model) and it came with Asus Charger Plus software pre-installed, but I cannot find any USB 3.0 port with the lightning bolt icon. Does this laptop not support the Charger Plus option? Why come pre-installed then....

GL752VW died after connecting HDMI

Hi, I have a GL752VW notebook which has been working perfectly. I went to plug in an HDMI cable for a second monitor and as soon as I did the notebook died. As in sudden power down without any proper shutdown.Now the situation is that the power butto...