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Asus Rog Strix Scar 18

I have Asus Rog Srix Scar 18 i9-13980HX/RTX4090. Almost all games stutter. From what I tested: RDR2, A Plague Tale Requiem, Hogwarts Legacy, Forza Horizon 5. In all these games, the average fps is high, but there are a lot of stutters. On the past Le...

rog strix g15 constant ping spikes

i recently bought the rog strix g15 and immediately started getting constant ping spikes to the point that games are practically unplayable, the ping basically spikes to over a thousand every second. this happens no matter what wifi i use, i've trie...

How to stop Scar 18 from automatic BIOS update?

Hi, is there a way to stop Scar 18 from automatically set up the latest BIOS update? I want to go back to BIOS 305 which I prefer, and stay at 305 currently. However the machine forced me to reboot and installed 306 Bios. How to stay at 305 for the t...

Ravenik by Level 8
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Resolved! Rog Scar 15 2020

I have been thinking of upgrading my storage for my scar 15 2020.could u guys suggest me some options? Regards 

Questions/Problems regarding Scar 16

Hello, I bought the Scar 16 2023 (RTX4080) this week, and have some questions about some of the features. 1) Is this laptop Dolby Vision licensed for sure? In the production page it says it is, but in the Dolby Access app, I have no tabs or settings ...

H0N0R by Level 9
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Strix G17 Poor FPS - solved

Good evening.I recently purchased my ROG Strix G 17. It has the i7-10750H 16GM Ram and the GTX 1660ti. I was really looking forward it being much better than my previous Lenovo with RYZEN 7 3600 and the VEGA10 gpu.I play World or Warcraft almost ex...

Supported nvme m.2 ssd's list for Rog strix G18

Hi, I want to buy an second ssd for my laptop and I want to know if there a supported ssd list or not. I'm considering to buy a samsung 980 pro and I'm not sure if this will make my product out of warranty if it is not on supported ssd's list. 

Unusual issues

So, I have an ROG G15 R7 5800h RTX 3060 16 GB ramI've noticed that after long-ish game sessions it develops a minor stutter every few seconds, not large stutters they are small but big enough to catch my attention. They go away if I restart the lapto...

Rog gl552vx m2 2280 ssd upgrade

Hi. I bought a Samsung 970 Evo M2 2280 NVME PCI Express x4 and my laptop didn't recognize it, it didn't show in bios. I have a sticker on the back of the laptop that says "support only m2 2280 ssd sata". I asked on the live chat support and they said...