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Gl553 Laptop Heating Issue Please help

Hello i recently yought an ROG Gl553 laptop whenever i run any game such as gta5 , sniper elite , sniper ghost warrior my laptop heats up to 75-80C even when graphics set to medium and vsync off so i just wanted to ask if this is normal as i have see...

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abhaysv by Level 7
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GL502VS - very dark colours

I've recently bought a ASUS ROG Strix GL502VS with Nvidia GeForce 1070 on board. Unfortunately I'm still thinking of replacing it because of problems with graphics. It is really dark in the built-in display, which makes it hard to use especially duri...

Niko0 by Level 7
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GL551JW and GL551JK Screens

So I have the Asus GL551JW and it came with a TN panel which I HATE. Could I buy an Asus GL551JK IPS panel, exchange them and it will work fine? It should, right?Does it matter which way the pins go? This company tells me they are both 30 pin so they...

Planning repaste, some questions about thermal pads

I've aleady got the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, just need those thermal pads.1st I'm finding them to be expensive.. I'm wondering if there is a cheaper solution before I drop close to 50$cad.2nd in the sizes, from Newegg Canada I can order the thickest...

FastM by Level 8
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Gl502VS eSupport Folder

HelloI didnt find any on web and here in forum searchSo pls Could anyone Upload his Original eSupport folder for the GL502VSI have an GL502VS-FY045T ....because of an annoying Win10 Update i reinstalled my Laptop but didnt saved the eSupport folder...

Asus RoG Strix VL702VS Freezing

Hi, just bought a new Asus RoG Strix VL702Vs and updated all the drivers.However during wow, it will freeze and emit a weird buzzing sound. only solution is to do a forced restart.Did things like "run like administrator" and "disable full screen opti...

ASUS Rog Strix GL702ZC RMA

EDIT: I moved this topic here.Haven't seen it at the right time. Sorry for the inconveniences. This thread can be deleted.

Driver power state failure ASUS ROG GL553VE-FY022

My laptop freeze random (in games, on web etc) and mostli when i switch tabs from games to desktop and desktop in game (alt tab). When it freez i can;t do anything but force shutdown from the power button or wait until he give me bluescreen and the e...