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GL553VE 304 Bios

There's a new 304 BIOS. Just updated today. So far no issues with gaming performance. Temperature seems to be stable as well. Anyone else has updated?

GL502VMK Sata Port

Hi guys,I bought recently a Asus ROG GL502VMK-FY187T.Can i have some info about sata ports it mounts? The first one is surely sata 3 (it's actually equiped by a m.2 128ssd), what about the second one with mechanic hard disk?Someone can help me?

GL502VM Fan speed reading problem and Windows 10 FCU 1709

After the last update of Windows 10 - Fall Creators Update 1709 - has been installed monitoring programs, such as HWMonitor, no longer display the CPU fan rotation reading. My notebook is an Asus ROG GL502VM (Skylake).I did a "Google", but I couldn't...

GL502VSK GPU fan doesn't start automatically

Hi guys. I got a brand-new GL502VSK with latest bios version (version 303) and drivers.While heavy gaming only my left side fan (CPU fan) spins and the right side fan stays completely off unless I manually set the fan speed to 100% in ROG gaming cent...

arya1 by Level 7
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GL502VS - nVidia drivers cant be updated

Hello fellow ROG users.I hope to find some advice. I have a GL502VS-FY051T (6700HQ, bios:302).Am I the only one having trouble installing newer nVidia drivers, than the one assigned by Asus on the download site (368.91/V21.21.13.6891 from August 2016...

jja100 by Level 7
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[GL502VSK] Lags in game menus and when paused

Hi,I am new to this forum and appreciate the advice, which has really helped so far.But I still have a big issue in games like CS:GO, SC2, AoE definitive edition and so on. The problem are extreme lags in certain games menues (1-3FPS) for 2-4s, but w...

Andidi by Level 7
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Asus Gl553VE purchased on Ebay has black screen, warranty?

Hey folks, i recently bought an asus GL553VE on ebay. It had no charging port cable so i didn’t even know it turned on! Once i go that cable in, it had a black screen. The logo on the back of the screen wouldn’t even light up! Its almost like the top...

User33 by Level 7
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Asus GL502VSK Low FireStrike Score Please Help

Hi . so I am getting really low scores on my GL502VSK around 11000-12000 . I heard that it should be arond 15000 but it's definitely not . I have done some tests, I would be really glad if you guys can help me . While helping me please explain like e...

GL552vw - TN Panel Replacement ?

I'd appreciate some opinions , on something I can't make my mind onlast year I purchased a refurbished Asus ROG GL552vw - mainly for programming and the occasional gaming with m960 - if I have time, maybe play a little hitman or kerbal space program....

dshamim by Level 7
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