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Strix G17 Poor FPS - solved

Good evening.I recently purchased my ROG Strix G 17. It has the i7-10750H 16GM Ram and the GTX 1660ti. I was really looking forward it being much better than my previous Lenovo with RYZEN 7 3600 and the VEGA10 gpu.I play World or Warcraft almost ex...

Supported nvme m.2 ssd's list for Rog strix G18

Hi, I want to buy an second ssd for my laptop and I want to know if there a supported ssd list or not. I'm considering to buy a samsung 980 pro and I'm not sure if this will make my product out of warranty if it is not on supported ssd's list. 

Unusual issues

So, I have an ROG G15 R7 5800h RTX 3060 16 GB ramI've noticed that after long-ish game sessions it develops a minor stutter every few seconds, not large stutters they are small but big enough to catch my attention. They go away if I restart the lapto...

Rog gl552vx m2 2280 ssd upgrade

Hi. I bought a Samsung 970 Evo M2 2280 NVME PCI Express x4 and my laptop didn't recognize it, it didn't show in bios. I have a sticker on the back of the laptop that says "support only m2 2280 ssd sata". I asked on the live chat support and they said...

2021 ROG Strix SCAR 15 G533QS BIOS Version 327

Hello,After MyASUS app updated laptop to BIOS 327 it lost ~1000 rpm of fan speed.Before max speed was ~7000 rpm @ 80c and now it's ~6000 rpm. Even before BIOS update laptop was hot during gaming, now it gets super hot.Can you please bring back 7k r...

ziga34 by Level 7
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HelloIs there anyway to do something with this CPU clock? I can't get 4200MHz on my game. It can only be achieved when on the loading screen.while in-game, the maximum that I can get is 3600~3700MHz. Is this normal or not? is it possible to get 144hz...

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