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GL702VM Laptop Strange Audio Ticks

Hello,I have recently ordered a GL702VM-DS74 laptop and it is great overall except for this strange issue such that when not playing any audio or producing any sound for some time (3 to 5 minutes for example) there is a "tick" when audio is played ag...

xfuse by Level 7
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Asus GL553VD wifi restarts time to time

I bought my asus laptop 2 weeks ago and now im having issues with wifi adapter.wifi randomly disconnects while gaming netflix even browsing the web.I looked the forum and did everything there was but issue is still happening I tried connecting to th...

Extend G75VW battery life?

I'm now a happy owner of G75VW. It came w/ no defects and I'm so happy about it. i have read many threads about defects and many problem about their G75s and thank God mine has no defect Its fast, responsive i cant see any cons. i just want to know...

Bryan123 by Level 7
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Hello everybody, yesterday my new pc, the ROG GL502VM (i7700HQ - nvidia 1060) arrived at home; i made some tests and i noticed that when under stress it became really hot (temp near 90C), i made a little search on internet and I found out that could ...

Questions about the Asus GL502VS

=So sorry to the admins for reposting, but I previously posted in the wrong forum when this one was so much more appropriate (honest mistake sorry )= *Hi! I'm looking to buy an ASUS Strix GL502VS by this week and I just had a few questions I needed ...

Bitnet by Level 7
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File Name Warning After Boot up?

Every time I boot up even after a factory reset I get a File name Warning. Something is making a file in my C:// Drive and naming it Program. It really annoying and unsure if there is a fix.

GL502VS No Thunderbolt 3?

So I just picked up a GL502VS and love almost everything about the laptop, but apparently it doesn't have a thunderbolt 3 port. I see that the lower spec 502VM has it as well as many of the other Pascal-enabled laptops. Any idea why Asus would leav...