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gl 702 NFS Payback fps problem

asus gl 702 i7 7700hq gtx1060 16gb ramNfs payback ultra settings lagging and fps drop to 30-40also when opened any game i switch to desktop and mouse lagging

karb10 by Level 7
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Any way to force reinstall of BIOS or reset system?

Basically my 553VE is dead. The laptop died when the BIOS 3.0.6 froze and forced me to shut it down. There is sign of life with the optical drive popping out when pushed , keyboard LEDs working , and ports working when I plugged it to a TV. The signs...

GL702VMK Audio Jack Issue

Hi all,i've performed a clean Windows 10 Prof. install on my GL702VMK, downloaded and installed all Drivers from the ASUS Page. Everything seems working fine except Audio Device detection. Sound is working but i'm not able to use my Lioncast LX evo ...

GL503VD cant handle bf1 low ? What ?

Hello , so i've bought a new gl503vd and my impression so far is not good with this laptop. Idk if its only mine or everyone else's too. So i installed bf1 and played some multiplayer and i was really shocked by the fps. I mean i only got like 30 fps...

GL702VMK and Far Cry 5

Gotta say I am quite impressed with Far Cry 5's optimization. My GL702VMK stays in the high 60's, both CPU and GPU on Ultra settings.-StarJack

StarJack by Level 11
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GL 503VS fans stuck at 100 - solved?

Hello,I have a problem with my GL503vs laptop. I recently got it back from RMA, after sending it for an audio issue. Turns out that they changed my motherboard.The first day after receiving it, everything was ok. But then the next day, I played some ...

Gl553vd 4k at 60hz not possible?

Hi i bougth a 4k tv but i cant set 4k at 60hz only i can set at 30 hz any know how i can config? My Notebook have a 7300hq and a 1050 4gb my tv model is Samsung mu6300GXZS