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GL502 no sonic studio after curator update

GL502 after curator update no sonic studio. I had to do a clean install because the ssd drive was not seen by the windows setup so got in touch with the seller of my notebook the did the update by making a bootable usb stick with the windows curator...

Does GL552VW Include Optical Audio-out Port?

So I have my GL552VW for almost 9 months now and I have recently brought a Philips HTiB(Home Theatre In a Box) HTB5520/94 and I was wondering if my laptop has a mini toslink inside the 3.5mm headphone port for connecting to home theatres and other 5....

GL702VS Bios 305 "Optimize system performance"I'm updating now, I wonder what that means..

FastM by Level 8
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GL702VS - gl502vs comparison

Heyi have a gl502vs atm, round 5 RMA. over heating..battery discharge..the whole, ive been offered by asus to exchange it to the gl702vs 7700hq model..was wondering, how is it?does it also have huge thermal issues?bad battery discharge?wou...

natig1 by Level 7
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Keyboard backlight dimmer only on some keys GL502VS

I bought this laptop and from day one, it had this problem where 5 keys has a dimmer backlight than the rest of the keyboard, sadly the cam my cellphone has is so bad that you cant see a difference between the keys so I had to search in google for a ...

Keyboard and power problems GL502VS

This is my second ROG GL series laptop in just 7 months. My first was an GL502VM and it had same issues I'm having with this new GL502VS.This one has some issues like known problem of discharge battery, not big deal for me since i never do long gamin...

GL702VM, Ge Force have gone mad.....

I logged into Ge Force today with the intention of playing one of their VR games, this is after the kids and I have spent 4 hours on everything from Google Earth VR to Rocket League, and they refuse to let me play because they say my i5-6300HQ is not...

Sbowloc by Level 7
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