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GL504GM Fan stuck in overboost

Hi, i've seen more people having trouble with the fan in the GL504GM. it started 3 days ago that the fan gets stuck in overboost mode even though i put it on silent or on balanced mode. using the ASUS Gaming Center or the hotkeys on the keyboard don'...

ockie by Level 7
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ROG STRIG G15 Advantage Edition - Fan Noise

Hello,please help me to shut up this laptop.SInce a few weeks the Laptop gets noiser by each day.No matter if I use the silent profie, Windows or Custom profile with all the sliders for power delivery to the minimum.This thing just spins the fans. It...

[SOLVED] New NVMe 1TB = Windows 10 no boot

Just wanted to share my experience to help other users willing to upgrade to a larger NVMe (boot disk) from the standard 512GB Samsung NVMe coming with your gaming laptop. Gaming Laptop ASUS GL703GS here.1. IMPORTANT: change the disk driver of your c...

hexaae by Level 11
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GL704GW update bios and undervolt locked

Hi! I updated BIOS GL704GW 308 to 309, but it is blocking the voltage control and now I can't use Throttlestop to stop thermal throttling, I need bios 308, but in asus downloads it only shows 309 and 312, please help!

Adding third display to GL553VD via USB not working

I am trying to add another display since the HDMI port is already taken. I already established via threads on this forum that the USB-C of the GL553VD is of no use since it can only transfer data, no display capabilties. So my focus went to the USB-A...

dylan4 by Level 7
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Pressing on keyboard mutes my mic pls help

This happened a few months ago when I connected an external keyboard but I don't see how this would cause the problem so it's probably not that. But anyways whenever I type on the laptop's actual keyboard the microphone on and off overlay pops up. Ju...

ROG STRIX G733QS and Fedora 36 KDE Linux

Happy to report that Fedora 36 KDE gave me no problems with hardware wifi etc... sound and headphones all fine. The instructions for keyboard backlight at Also worked flawlessly which was very gratifying as t...

GL504GM built-in speaker volume fluctuating loud/soft

Hey everybody.This laptop is a little over a month old, and I think the problem has existed since I had it. Basically when listening to audio, movies, youtube, etc, the volume will suddenly drop very low only to randomly spike again for a short burs...

Ashenx by Level 7
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