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SSD upgrade for a GL702VS

Hey everyone, i just wanted to know if anyone upgraded their 702VS with some SSD?based on the owner's manual and the ad on ASUS product web page, we are supposed to be able to put a NVMe PCIe SSD.However, i just talked to customer services to confirm...

tdeneve by Level 7
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Strange keyboard problem with FX502VM (GL502VM)

Hello, i have a FX502VM same as GL502 without rog badgeit's an azerty keyboard (i'm french user)my very strange problem is when i hold shift left and shift right with another key.i'm dev man so i type fast enought with the keyboard and regulary i use...

Where is the air intake of GL553VW?

HelloI would like to get some information about this model, does it suck in air from the bottom, where the cutouts are? See attached picture. Does it have any ventilation through the keyboard or is it complete nonsense?Thanks!

Wallpaper Asus Gl753

Hello can anyone help me with the Strix wallpaper for gl753? i dont have the recovery factory os/partition

forsed by Level 7
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GL752VW-DH74: Battery 0%, not charging

Hello,I have had my current Asus laptop, a GL752VW-DH74, for slightly over a year now. A few weeks ago, I awoke to find that my battery had depleted and would not charge. The battery showed no prior signs of serious wear. Is this a hardware issue ...

MogenarZ by Level 7
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GL702VMK: CPU load due to HDAudio driver issue ?

Hello all,I have a brand new ASUS GL702VMK and I have an issue since the beginning: the process "system interrupt" consumes a permanent of 100% CPU of one core processor and display around 5 to 10% of CPU usage.This causes heat and fan permanently.Us...

Zorg06 by Level 7
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Questions Before Buying Asus ROG GL553ve

Hello, I want to buy this model of the laptop GL553, but after reading your forum, and asking a couple of questions, no one ever answered, the owner of this model say that with the temperature, whether it is high, the laptop is needed for online game...

Power limit throttling - A general question

I have noticed with my GT502VMK (GTX 1060) that only throttling in games I can have is due to power limit . It's either that or no load (no frame data from CPU, or throttling due to slow CPU). Checked with MSI Afterburner.So, is power limit thrott...