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GL503VD - battery self-discharging

Hello all. I have a question about self-discharging of the battery. I use Asus Battery Health charging in the maximum lifetime mode (The battery charges up to 60%). After turning off the laptop and disconnecting the power supply for 105 hours, the ch...

Why only one side of laptop fan working gl502vs

After disassembling and reasembling everything together, only right fan is working, and is going on full blast. I disconnected the right fan cable to see if left fan is working, it is working after I disconnect the right fan. But when connected the r...

Best backpacks or bags for 17" Asus ROG laptops? GL702VS

Hi, I recently just picked up a GL702VS and I'm very happy with it so far. I'd like to get a bag like a backpack or maybe messenger bag for easy transport. What bags does everyone else here use? I've been looking at places like Amazon and it's dif...

revnja by Level 7
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Brief black flicker when using G-sync GL702VS

As the title states, I'm having problems with my laptop. Any time I'm playing a game with G-sync enabled, I get a black screen flicker. This happens randomly, sometimes the flicker comes in quick succession, other times there is 20 or 30 seconds betw...

Soft buzzing noise from GL502-WS71 under load

I’ve had a GL502VS-WS71 for about a year with no issues. Today I noticed that when under load there is a very faint buzzing noise coming from somewhere above the keyboard but below the screen. It’s different than the fan noise per de and I actually o...

GL503VD, how to set edge scroll/1 finger scrolling?

Good day I just got a Gl503vd laptop, and found out that i can't set the touch pad to do one finger scroll (edge scroll); i need to use two fingers to scroll. This is a problem for me because i injured my middle finger so it hurts when ever i do it. ...

Aread by Level 7
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Os id (?)

Kind of stupid question but I just bought a GL502VT from the local pawn shop and would like to know if it has the original OS on it or if it's an upgrade from Windows 8. I'm looking for this info as it's been wiped clean and I'd like to reinstall all...