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GL553VD completely dead, DONT BUY FROM EBAY.

Laptop was under warranty until April 12th of this year. It died April 10th. I called the customer service and they advised me to try a new charger before sending it in for repairs. Customer rep never mentioned my warranty was about to expire.Purchas...

GL503VMF -- audio pops from speakers?

I have a fairly new GL503VMF (the one from Bestbuy for $1300 with Gsync 120Hz display). Not 502, but the new 503 series.I like it very much so far, but one issue I haven't been able to fix is that I get occasional audio pops from the speakers. I do N...

GL702VI: 16GB > 32GB RAM - which chip?

Hey guys! I'm thinking of buying the GL702VI: I run VMs, I'd like to upgrade it to 32 GB RAM right at purchase. Do you kno...

[GL553VD/FX553VD] Liquid Metal Results

Hi everyone so im here to bring to you my results about the liquid metal from Thermal grizzly conductonaut, the results are pretty good but not that to much, well i din''t a video, are just screenshots from windowsHere my specs from my laptop, is an ...

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Urgent GL503VD battery life

I just bought Asus ROG GL503VD last month, I've noticed that the battery drained too fast. I dont know what to do, i'll try to explore my laptop but i didnt find any answer to solve this issue. In 30-40 minutes, the battery life goea down to 30% .

GL703 SCAR EDITION second drive hardware upgrade

Hi, has anyone here upgraded the second drive HDD to SSD on GL703 SCAR EDITION?I am looking for information how to disassemble the laptop to remove stock HDD, and what SSD drives are compatible with it?Can you post your results too?These are my resul...

Urgent need help with (hopefully not) dead asus gl553ve

Please help. Heres the story:It started a few days ago when i updated my nvidia drivers. Ive started having black screen stutters and BSODs with NVM failures. Then the gaming center failed to display my video card state. Next , audio wouldnt play and...

Docking Station Recommendations for GL753V?

Hi all I would like to replace my big PC with my laptop. I want to have multiple monitors and move it often.. The problem is that I can't find a suitable station.. Any recommendation please? Thank you.