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Disable GL703VD Keyboard lights in sleep?

I am setting up my new GL703VD and I'm finding that when I put the laptop to sleep the keyboard pulses red, nice effect but I'd rather conserve battery power. I can't find any setting that would allow me to disable this feature, what am I missing?

GL703VM keyboard issues

Hi all, today i seen that i have some problem with my keyboard in GL703VM Scar edition. I can't access to RGO Gmaing center by the key, and i can't turn the scfeen off by combination FN+F6, also the combination FN+F2,F3,F4,F5,F10,F11 doesnt work. Yes...

Video issue with GL551JM-DH71 laptop Help!!

Hi, I'm new to this forum and am having some issues with my friends laptop that I'm trying to fix for him. It's a GL551JM-DH71 is the model. His display went out to the point that if I put a flashlight up to the screen I can se a faint image. See...

DVDDude by Level 7
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ROG GL502VM Touchpad audiable clunk noise

Hi, I just bought my new Strix model off newegg.There seems to be a loose touchpad because of the noise very much like this video this normal for this kind of laptop touchpad? or should I return this ASAP...

Josh348 by Level 7
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gl702zc with LG ips 21:9 monitor problem

Hello.I found gl702zc does not work well with LG 21:9 monitorI have 29um57 and when I link with HDMI, monitor doesn t work or screen glitiches. Monitor works well with other NVIDIA gpu, as I used it for over 2yrs.I bought 29um58e monitor recently as ...