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Disappointed with my ASUS gl503

I am so very disappointed with the purchase of my ASUS gl503 rog strix. Believe it or not, when I purchased my laptop the HDD went bad the second day and I was given a new unit. The following week the HDD went bad on that one and the service center s...

Scratchy noise out of speakers whenever I move the mouse

Whenever I have the mouse move around on the screen, I can hear a scratchy noise coming from the speakers. If I stop the mouse, the sound is down to a faint crackly noise. Usually these are electrical hardware issues. Whether I turn the volume on...

GL503 slow after factory reset?

Recently, my laptop has been acting up lately. Since I've been having issues with it for some time now, I've decided to just factory reset the laptop; however, it didn't fix any issues, and it may have created new ones. I've noticed quite a number of...

jarryal by Level 7
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GL502VS cannot reduce temps, tried everything.

Hello,Let me introduce you to my story. I've bought used GL502VS (7700HQ, 1070). It was manufactured 2017.12 (so its ~6 month old). The temperatures on idle are 50C both on CPU and GPU. I've tried the following steps to reduce temps:- replace thermal...

How to get dual boot working on GL703

I want my gaming laptop to run both Windows and Ubuntu. However, this Asus GL703 laptop is doing something I've never encountered on other laptops, it doesn't boot into Windows the same way if dual boot is enabled. It gives me a bunch of f...

GL553VD suupeeeer LAG!

Good day Everyone!its good to be back here, its been a here it goes as the title says...a neighbor of mine recently bought this Asus ROG GL553VD Laptopof course its an i7 7700HQ powered laptop (Windows 10) w/ a 1TB HDD / Gtx 1050 2GB but ...

RazorCat by Level 10
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